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Weekly Recap #6: Garden Spells, Snowpiercer and Flowers in the Attic

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Garden Spells
A short read about the Waverly sisters who are not quite so ordinary. One, a caterer who can cook up dishes to meet the special needs of her clients and the other finally discovers where her talents lie when she returns home after a decade away. I haven't read a lot of magical realism and this is one I enjoyed very much. Sweet and charming story, I'd say it's a mix of Practical Magic and Chocolat.


Finally saw this after hearing/reading about it. It recently aired on one of those cable movie channels, which isn't exactly the ideal way to watch a movie since they either tend to be edited and have no subtitles which I have come to depend on. I'm not sure how much was edited out for Snowpiercer but what really sucks was there were several scenes where Namgoong used this translator device which translates whatever he said into English, and the audio for the computer translator was just soo much lower than the voices of all the other characters that I missed out on chunks of what Namgoong was trying to say. Aside from that, the movie started out well.

The world of Snowpiercer was interesting, the train is self sufficient and I love discovering the contents of each carriage. The aquarium and the garden ones were wondrous and thus such a contrast to the back carriages and the artic cold that lies outside of the the train. The look of the world of Snowpiercer I'd say was like a cross of City of Ember and Harry Potter/Wes Anderson movies for the front carriages. I was to a point sold on the whole lower class revolting against the ruling upper class premise until I began to see some plot holes. was either plot holes or I wasn't quite paying attention. How exactly did the class system work? The Snowpiercer I'm assuming represents the world; people in the front are the upper class, and at the back are the lower class. Unfortunately I think the movie does a deservice by not actually showing the lower class working, as such they're not exactly illustrating the exploitative nature of such a system. Secondly if each carriage exist solely for one purpose only, this meant that passengers would have to go through several carriages to go to whatever destination they were headed to...which in turn meant that armed guards would have to go through the kindergarten everyday just to get to the back of the train? Err...not really clever planning from the genius Wilford. And I don't get why anyone felt it was worth to fight for the control of the engine, in the end you're still trapped on a train, so yeah Namgoong is probably the only one who has his head straight. Still the train itself is fascinating and I like the characters so I expected a good payoff at the end, with the engine and the leader of the train, Wilford. I don't want to spoil it so I'll just say I was disappointed. In a way I understood Wilford's reason but it seemed such a tedious and convoluted way to bring about what he wanted. 

Flowers in the Attic (2014)
I've not read the book but I am a little familiar with the story from having watch the earlier adaptation made in the 80's. Can't exactly compare the two adaptation since I watched the earlier one almost a decade ago. Some positive for this newer movie; good that they used kid actors who are closer to the age of the Dollanger children. It made believing their naivety slightly easier. Negatives; well this is a Lifetime channel movie, as expected the dialogue isn't really good. They do have some good actors here but even they can't carry some of the bad lines this movie had. Some scenes also seemed weirdly edited together, but since I saw this on TV, this may be due to some scenes having to be censored out. Overall not so bad. The sequel Petals on the Wind airs next week.


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Other Stuff

  • Currently reading Feed set in a futuristic world where people are completely immersed in technology and consumerism...we're not too far away from it.
  • Currently watching the Walking Dead Season time for Season 5 which should be premiering soon.
  • I've also opened a Society6 shop. Not much stuff yet as editing has been a pain since my computer is having trouble handling all the large files and keeps hanging :(


  1. YAY for Walking Dead. LOVE it! Hope you have a great week!

    SP & STS
    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

    1. One of the cable channels is reairing all the seasons in anticipation of Season 5 and the characters are looking progressively worse each season...all thinner and sunken. Finally a TV show where people in stressful situations are not worried about their hair :).

  2. I remember my mom reading the whole Flowers series years ago, but I never read it myself. I liked the original movie version of it, but it's been years since I've seen it. This version hit the highlights ok, but like you said, it's a Lifetime movie.

    1. I know the books were really popular in the 80's and 90s. Now that the movies are out the books will regain in popularity. I'll probably try to read it sometime.

  3. I like your Thursday Movie Picks meme, I'll have to check out the topic page. Looks like fun.

    Feed sounds interesting too....

  4. Snowpiercer is one of the most bizarre films I've ever seen. I really enjoyed it, but there was a lot I didn't understand. That kindergarten carriage was so funny, though :)
    - Allie

    1. I like its bizarreness up to till about the last few carriages when it became..."this is exactly what we wanted" kind of thing.

  5. I'm still on season 3 of Walking dead, catching up, catching up ! But I've read all the graphic novels. And yes, they don't care about hair or makeup, lol ! Have a great week ;)


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