Thursday, February 16, 2023

Thursday Movie Picks #447: Romance Tropes Edition - Forced Proximity

Hello there and welcome to Thursday Movie Picks a weekly series where you share your movie picks each Thursday. The rules are simple: based on the theme of the week pick three to five movies and tell us why you picked them. For further details and the schedule visit the series main page here.


This week's Thursday Movie Picks is Romance Tropes Edition - Forced Proximity

Hey it's February and it's time for the Romance Tropes Edition. Take a look at what's in store for the rest of the month. 

February 2 - Romance Tropes Edition: Travel Romance
February 9 - Romance Tropes Edition: Cinderella Plot (A heroine being swept off her feet by a wealthy guy)
February 16 - Romance Tropes Edition: Forced Proximity (characters are stuck together perhaps sheltering from a storm together, or are on a long haul flight, or stuck in a lift…etc)
February 23 - Romance Tropes / TMP Television Edition: Friends To Lovers

This theme is harder than I thought it would be. I’m picking the first three that came to mind.

Can You Keep a Secret (2018)
While on a flight, I think because she was nervous during turbulence, a woman starts rambling random things about herself to a stranger seated next to her, only to discover later when she got back to her office that he is their new boss. The movie is ok, rather forgettable. I don’t know why they keep making American adaptations of Sophie Kinsella’s novels. I’ve read many of her stand-alone books (not the Shopaholic series), and would love to see a British adaptation of one of them because I think much of their humour have been lost in translation in previous adaptations.
Destination Wedding (2018)
Two middle age singles attend a destination wedding and ended up having to share or get placed together often. Like I think they were on the same flight, airport shuttle and taxi and roomed next each other…and so on. The movie is so-so, but it was nice to see Ryder and Reeves reunited on screen almost three decades since Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Before Sunrise (1995)
Jesse and Celine met when they were seated near each other on a train in Europe. I actually never liked Before Sunrise that much, it was just a so-so movie to me as the banter between the two was not that engaging with little spark. I am glad though, that despite how unimpressed I was with Before Sunrise, I did decide to watch Before Sunset when it was released…because I really love the sequel.

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  1. Before Sunrise was good, but I'm with you on Before Sunset being excellent. My easy favorite of that trilogy.

  2. I haven't seen any of these. One day I will see the Sunrise movies

    1. It’s I believe called the Before trilogy rather than sunrise since all the movie titles have Before in them.

  3. This makes we wanna rewatch the Before Sunrise trilogy!


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