Thursday Movie Picks

Thursday Movie Picks

As the name suggests, Thursday Movie Picks is held every Thursday. The rules are simple; base on the theme of the week pick three to five movies and tell us why you picked them.

So if you love movies come and make your pick every Thursday. It'll be fun and you'll get to discover more movies and add them to your to-watch list. If you are participating be sure to add your blog post to the linky widget at the end of each of my Thursday Movie Picks post. Please also visit the other participating blogs, spread the word about this series, and also link back to my blog on your own Thursday Movie Picks post :)

Thursday Movie Picks Topics:


July 17 - Movies based on a Stephen King Book/Short Story
July 24 - Movies with an Ensemble Cast
July 31 - Movies set in a Mental Institution
August 7 - Movies about Assassins
August 14 - Movies that feature Food Predominantly
August 21 - Movies about Time Travel (Topic suggested by Wendell Ottley)
August 28 - Dramatic Scenes (Your pic of dramatic scenes. You can either quote the scene or post a YouTube clip of it)
September 4 - Movies set Locally (you can choose country or state)
September 11 - Sport Movies
September 18 - Movies about Childhood/Young Love (Before high school)
September 25 - Nautical Movies (Topic suggested by John Hitchcock)
October 2 - Unstable Characters (characters that seemed Donnie Darko)
October 9 - Zombie Movies
October 16 - Found Footage Movies
October 23 - Vampire Movies
October 30 - Haunted Buildings
November 6 - Movies Featuring Amnesiacs
November 13 - Movies about Making Movies (Topic suggested by John Hitchcock)
November 20 - Movies Set in a Boarding School
November 27 - Foreign Language Movie - French
December 4 - Movies Adapted from a Play (non-Shakespeare and non-musical)
December 11 - Movies that Feature a Family Secret
December 18 - Coming of Age Movies
December 25 - Movies driven entirely by people talking (Topic suggested by John Hitchcock. i.e. My Dinner With Andre, Twelve Angry Men, Reservoir Dogs, Before Sunrise etc.)


January 1 - Bank Robberies
January 8 - Movies that feature an Irreparable Mistake
January 15 - Musicals
January 22 - Movies with Colour in the Title
January 29 - All in the Family Edition: Married Couples Movies (Suggested by Wendell)
February 5 - Romantic Comedies
February 12 - Unrequited Love
February 19 - Oscar Winning Movies (from pool of Winners of Best Picture/Best Animated Film/Best Foreign Film)
February 26 - All in the Family Edition: Father-Son Relationships (Biologically Related)
March 5 - Black and White Movies made since 1970 (Suggested by Wendell)
March 12 - Live Action Fairy Tale Adaptations
March 19 - Movies adapted from a Young Adult Novel
March 26 - All in the Family Edition: Mother-Daughter Relationships (Biologically Related)
April 2 - Teen Comedies
April 9 - Dance Movies (Excluding anything Musical or based on a Musical)
April 16 - Police Movies (Suggested by John Hitchcock)
April 23 - Superhero Movies
April 30 - All in the Family Edition: Father-Daughter Relationships (Biologically Related)
May 7 - Work Place Movies
May 14 - Foreign Language Movies - German
May 21 - Movies based on a Graphic Novel/Comic (Non-Superhero)
May 28 - All in the Family Edition: Mother-Son Relationships (Biologically Related)
June 4 - Kids Movies Adults Would Enjoy (Non-Animated)
June 11 - Movies Set in a High School, Secondary School or the Equivalent.
June 18 - Animated Movies
June 25 - All in the Family Edition: Sibling Relationships (Biologically Related)
July 2 - Adaptations of Classic Literature (No Poems or Plays)
July 9 - Road Trip Movies (Suggested by John Hitchcock)
July 16 - Science Fiction Movies (No Space/Aliens)
July 23 - Sequels
July 30 - All in the Family Edition: Twins
August 6 - Alien Invasion of Earth
August 13 - Movies with Devastating Crushing Endings that Makes You Want to Weep
August 20 - Non-English Language Movies - Asian Language Movies Set in East Asia (Non-Horror)
August 27 - All in the Family Edition: Stepfamilies
September 3 - Teachers
September 10 - Train Movies (Suggested by John Hitchcock)
September 17 - Journalists/Reporters for Print/TV
September 24 - All in the Family Edition: Adopted/Foster Families
October 1 - Halloween Edition: Alfred Hitchcock Movies
October 8 - Halloween Edition: Villainous Children (Suggested by Wendell)
October 15 - Halloween Edition: Asian Horror
October 22 - Halloween Edition: Werewolves
October 29 - Halloween Edition: Ghost Movies (Suggested by John Hitchcock)
November 5 - Secret Agents and Spies
November 12 - Movies about Music/Making Music/Musicians (No Biopics or focus on Real Life Musicians) (suggested by Wendell)
November 19 - Non-English Language Movies - Asian Language Movies Set in South East Asia (Non-Horror)
November 26 - Movies about Royalty
December 3 - Con Artists
December 10 - Movie Set in a Hotel
December 17 - Family Get-Together/Reunions
December 24 - Holiday/Vacation Movies
December 31 - Snowy Winter Movies

* Click the following linked keywords for a rough guide to Young Adult Novels, Classic LiteratureEast Asian Countries and South East Asian Countries which may be helpful for your picks for a few of the themes.


January 7 - Downstairs people (in reference to Downton Abbey/Upstairs Downstairs - movies about live in domestic workers).
January 14 - Post-Apocalyptic World (Not Apocalyptic)
January 21 - Airplane Movies
January 28 - Movies Adapted from Movies of a Different Language (eg French to English, English to Chinese)
February 4 - Valentine's Edition: Star-Crossed Lovers
February 11 - Valentine's Edition: May-December Romance
February 18 - Valentine's Edition: Movies with Memorable Declaration/Confessions of Love
February 25 - Valentine's Edition: Love Triangles
March 3 - Storms/Adverse Weather (Suggested by Daniel)
March 10 - Movies Narrated by Narrators That Do Not Appear on Screen
March 17 - Intersecting Stories (e.g Crash)
March 24 - Music Biopic
March 31 - Heist Movies
April 7 - So-Bad-It's-Good (Suggested by Daniel)
April 14 - Fish Out of Water Movies
April 21 - Astronauts
April 28 - Affairs
May 5 -  Androids/Cyborgs
May 12 - Non - English Language Movies - Spanish (Suggested by Wendell)
May 19 - Alien Movies
May 26 - The Internet
June 2 - Wedding Movies
June 9 - Immortals
June 16 - Store/Supermarket/Mall Movies
June 23 - School Competition (Not sports - could be singing, music, science)
June 30 - High School Reunion
July 7 - Single Location Movies (Suggested by Hitchcock)
July 14 - Female Ensemble
July 21 - Summer Camp
July 28 - World War 1
August 4 -  Gambling
August 11 - Movies About Writing/Writers of Novels (not about real-life Writers)
August 18 - Crime Gone Wrong (Suggested by Hitchcock)
August 25 - Non-English Language Movies - Scandinavian Language
September 1 - World War 2
September 8 - College Movies
September 15 - Sororities/Fraternities/School Secret Societies
September 22 - Teen Angst (Suggested by Brittani Burnham)
September 29 - Cults/Secret Socities
October 6 - Halloween Edition: Witches/Warlock
October 13 - Halloween Edition: Creature/Monster Features (NO Aliens/Vampires/Zombies/Werewolves) (Example of Creature/Monsters: Cujo)
October 20 - Halloween Edition: Science Fiction Horror
October 27 - Halloween Edition: Epidemic/Pandemic/Outbreak
November 3 - Non-English Language Movies - Middle Eastern Language Movies
November 10 - Movies about Addiction (Suggested by Wendell)
November 17 - Movies based on a TV Series
November 24 - Western (Suggested by Birgit)
December 1 - Your Comfort Movie
December 8 - Movies based on Toys
December 15 - Video/Arcade/Board Game Movies
December 22 - Parties
December 29 - Coming Home


January 5 - Legal Thrillers
January 12 - Fashion World
January 19 - Movies Featuring an Actor/Actress that Passed Away in 2016 [Suggested by Birgit]
January 26 - TMP Television Edition: Science Fiction
February 2 - Movies About Artists (Painters)
February 9 - Prodigy/Genius
February 16 - Shakespeare Adaptation
February 23 - TMP Television Edition: Superheroes/Super Powers
March 2 - On the Run
March 9 - Remakes/Sequels/Reboots (of a movie that hasn't got one) You Want to See
March 16 - Ancient World (3600 BC – 500 AD)
March 23 - The Underdog
March 30 - TMP Television Edition: Period Drama
April 6 - Cars/Racing
April 13 - Rivalry
April 20 - A Disappearance
April 27 - TMP Television Edition: Police
May 4 - Clones/Doppelgänger
May 11 - Deserts (Hot or Cold)
May 18 - The Renaissance (14th to the 17th century) [Suggested by John Hitchcock]
May 25 - TMP Television Edition: Time Travel
June 1 - Tall Buildings
June 8 -  Double Features (Movies that go well together)
June 15 - Movies Based on True Events [Suggested by Katie Hogan]
June 22 -The Woods
June 29 - TMP Television Edition: Medical Drama
July 6 - Summer Vacation
July 13 - Amusement Parks
July 20 - The Chosen One 
July 27 - TMP Television Edition:Non-English
August 3 -  Crime Family
August 10 - Summer Blockbusters [Suggested by Mettel Ray]
August 17 - Rescue
August 24 - The Stage
August 31 - TMP Television Edition: High School
September 7 - Animated Films Geared Towards Adults [Suggested by Brittani Burnham]
September 15 - Financial World
September 21 - Just Not Funny Comedies
September 28 - TMP Television Edition: Family
October 5 - Halloween Edition: Masks
October 12 - Halloween Edition: Dolls
October 19 - Halloween Edition: Body Horror [Suggested by Myerla]
October 26 - Halloween/Television Edition: Horror
November 2 - A Stranger
November 9 - An Adaptation (of a book, comic, game etc that hasn't been adapted) You Want to See
November 16 -Movies with Strong Female Character(s) [Suggested by Birgit]
November 23 - Origin Movies
November 30 - TMP Television Edition: Workplace
December 7 - Ugly Duckling to Beautiful Swan Makeover
December 14 - Small Towns
December 21 - 2018 Movies You're Looking Forward To
December 28 - TMP Television: Friendship


January 4 - Character Name in Title
January 11 - Once Was Enough (Movies You Don't Want to Watch Again)
January 18 - Sundance Favourites
January 25 - TMP Television Edition: Book to TV Adaptations
February 1 - Story Within a Story
February 8 - Romance
February 15 - Break into Song Scenes (Non-Musicals)
February 22 - TMP Television Edition: Legal Dramas
March 1 - Oscar Nominated Movies that should have Won [Suggested by Birgit]
March 8 - Just One Day
March 15 - Childhood Favourites
March 22 - Nostalgia
March 29 - TMP Television Edition: Non - English
April 5 - Underground
April 12 - Movies about Movies
April 19 - Meltdowns
April 26 - TMP Television Edition: Failed to get a Second Season (excluding mini-series/limited series where it was meant to be just one season)
May 3 - Characters Making a New Start
May 10 -Cannes Favourites [Suggested by thevoid99]
May 17 - Twisty Thrillers
May 24 - Friendship Movies
May 31 - TMP Television Edition: Entertainment Business
June 7 - Speech/Soliloquy/Monologue
June 14 - Legend/Mythology
June 21 - Juvenile Delinquents
June 28 - TMP Television Edition: TV Spinoffs [Suggested by Wendell]
July 5 - Long Awaited Sequel
July 12 - Characters Magically Aging Up or Down
July 19 -  Bad Parents [Suggested by Wendell]
July 26 - TMP Television Edition: Spies
August 2 - Body Switch
August 9 - A Siege
August 16 - Non-English Language Movies
August 23 - A Discovery / Exploration
August 30 - TMP Television Edition: College
September 6 - The New Kid at School
September 13 - Good Remakes [Suggested by Mettel Ray]
September 20 - Farm
September 27 - TMP Television Edition: Anthology
October 4 - Halloween Edition: Home Invasion
October 11 - Halloween Edition: The Dark/Night
October 18 - Halloween Edition: Technology
October 25 - Halloween/Television Edition: The Weird
November 1 - Gangsters
November 8 - Political Comedy [Suggested by Wendell]
November 15 - Museum
November 22 - Non-Linear Timelines [Suggested by Mettel Ray]
November 29 - TMP Television Edition: Adapted from a Non-English Series
December 6 - Meet the Parents
December 13 -It's a Party
December 20 - 2019 Movies You're Looking Forward To
December 27 - TMP Television Edition: Comedies


January 3 - Place in Title
January 10 - The Cold [Suggested by Birgit]
January 17 - 2018 Releases
January 24 - Movies You Walked Out Of [Suggested by Brittani]
January 31 - TMP Television Edition: 2018 Freshmen Series
February 7 - Revenge
February 14 -Romantic Comedies
February 21 - Starring Real Life Couples
February 28 - TMP Television Edition: Book to TV Adaptations
March 7 - Cold War
March 14 - Movies You Thought You'd Hate But Ended Up Enjoying [Suggested by Brittani]
March 21 - Private Eye
March 28 - TMP Television Edition: Non-English
April 4 - Unrecognizable Actor Transformation
April 11 - Let's Start at the End
April 18 - Interview
April 25 - TMP Television Edition: Music/Musicals
May 2 - True Crime
May 9 - Movies You Have a Different Opinion After Rewatch [Suggested by thevoid99]
May 16 - Letters
May 23 - Movies Adapted from Movies of a Different Language
May 30 - TMP Television Edition: Secret Agents/Spies
June 6 - Nannies / Babysitters
June 13 - Undercover
June 20 - Period Drama
June 27 - TMP Television Edition: Gangsters
July 4 - Parenthood
July 11 - Muses
July 18 - Blockbuster Flops
July 25 - TMP Television Edition: Crime
August 1 -The Great Outdoors
August 8 - The Mrs Robinsons [Suggested by Getter]
August 15 - Witness
August 22 - Actors in Multiple Roles
August 29 - TMP Television Edition: Revivals and Reboots
September 5 - Hostage
September 12 - Non-English Language Movies
September 19 - Break-Ups
September 26 - TMP Television Edition: Fantasy
October 3 - Halloween Edition: Period Drama Horror
October 10 - Halloween Edition: Teen Horror
October 17 - Halloween Edition: Jump Scares that Got You [Suggested by Brittani]
October 24 - Halloween Edition: Rituals
October 31 - Halloween/Television Edition: Horror
November 7 - Scientists
November 14 - Politics
November 21 - Over a Meal
November 28 - TMP Television Edition: Dystopian/Apocalyptic
December 5 - Adaptations
December 12 - Super Long Titles
December 19 - Child Actors Venturing Out of Typecasting [Suggested by Brittani]
December 26 -TMP Television Edition: Rivalry


January 2 - Escape
January 9 - Favorite Films by Steven Spielberg [Suggested by B]
January 16 - 2019 Releases
January 23 - Unforgettable Film Scores [Suggested by Brittani]
January 30 - TMP Television Edition: 2019 Freshmen Series
February 6 - Seven Deadly Sins Edition: Lust
February 13 - Meet Cute
February 20 - Love in the Tech Age
February 27 - TMP Television Edition: Romance
March 5 - Seven Deadly Sins Edition: Gluttony
March 12 - Spoofs / Satires / Mockumentaries
March 19 - Bad Boys
March 26 - TMP Television Edition: Docu Series
April 2 - Seven Deadly Sins Edition: Greed
April 9 - Movies about Animals [Suggested by Birgit]
April 16 - Numbers in Title (Not part of a franchise)
April 23 - Verbal Altercations [Suggested by Getter]
April 30 - TMP Television Edition: Game Shows
May 7 - Seven Deadly Sins Edition: Envy
May 14 - Girls' Trip
May 21 - Great Final Films of Actors/Actresses [Suggested by thevoid99]
May 28 - TMP Television Edition: Competitive Reality Shows
June 4 - Seven Deadly Sins Edition: Sloth
June 11 - Prequels
June 18 - Period Dramas
June 25 - TMP Television Edition: Book to TV Adaptations
July 2 - Seven Deadly Sins Edition: Wrath
July 9 - Globetrotting Movies
July 16 - Male Buddy Movies
July 23 -  Secret Doorways / Worlds
July 30 - TMP Television Edition: TV Series Based on Movies
August 6 - Seven Deadly Sins Edition: Pride
August 13 - School
August 20 - Female Buddy Movies
August 27 - TMP Television Edition: Prequels
September 3 - Domestic Thrillers
September 10 - Non-English Language Movies
September 17 - The Band
September 24 - TMP Television Edition: Journalism [Suggested by Getter]
October 1 - Halloween Edition: Horror Movie Houses
October 8 - Halloween Edition: Based on a True Story
October 15 - Halloween Edition: Snow / Winter Horror
October 22 - Halloween Edition: Holiday Horror
October 29 - Halloween/Television Edition: Horror
November 5 - Bookish Movies
November 12 - Favorite Cinematography [Suggested by Brittani]
November 19 - Movies about Villains
November 27 - TMP Television Edition: Non-English
December 3 - Adaptations
December 10 - Movies for Seniors / The Elderly
December 17 - Films Directed by a Female Director [Suggested by Brittani]
December 24 - Holiday Action Movies
December 31 -TMP Television Edition: Space / Aliens


January 7 -  Oscar Winners Edition: Best Picture
January 14 - 2020 Releases
January 21 - Police Detective
January 28 - TMP Television Edition: 2020 Freshmen Series
February 4 - Romance Tropes Edition: Fake Relationship
February 11 - Romance Tropes Edition: Friends to Lovers
February 18 - Romance Tropes Edition: Forbidden Love
February 25 - Romance Tropes / TMP Television Edition: Love Triangles
March 4 - Oscar Winners Edition: Best Actor and Best Actress
March 11 - Movies That Haven't Aged Well [Suggested by Getter]
March 18 - Fake Identity
March 25 - TMP Television Edition: Opening Title Sequence
April 1 - Oscar Winners Edition: Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress
April 8 -  Amateur Sleuths
April 15 - Female Cinematographers [Suggested by Brittani]
April 22 - Psychological Thriller
April 29 - TMP Television Edition: TV Score and/or Theme Song
May 6 - Oscar Winners Edition: Best Director
May 13 - Period Dramas
May 20 - Cyberpunk
May 27 - TMP Television Edition: Globetrotting (Scripted, Non-reality, Non-travel, Non-docu series)
June 3 - Oscar Winners Edition: Best Original Screenplay and Best Adapted Screenplay
June 10 - Worst Book to Movie Adaptations [Suggested by ThePunkTheory]
June 17 - Natural Disaster
June 24 - TMP Television Edition: Fish Out of Water
July 1 - Oscar Winners Edition: Best Cinematography and Best Visual Effects
July 8 - Female Athletes
July 15 - Non-English Language Movies
July 22 - Summer Break
July 29 - TMP Television Edition: Book Adaptations
August 5 - Oscar Winners Edition: Best Costume Design and Best Makeup and Hairstyling
August 12 - Movies that Confused You [Suggested by Brittani]
August 19 - Treasure Hunt
August 26 - TMP Television Edition: Books You Want to be Adapted into a TV Series
September 2 - Oscar Winners Edition: Best Original Score and Best Original Song
September 9 - Actors or Actresses Playing Themselves
September 16 - Outlaws
September 23 -  Femme Fatales
September 30 -TMP Television Edition: Non-English
October 7 - Halloween Edition: School
October 14 - Halloween Edition: Folk or Urban Legend
October 21 - Halloween Edition: Horror Comedy
October 28 - Halloween/ TMP Television Edition: Horror
November 4 - Oscar Winners Edition: Best Animated Movie
November 11 - Dream Sequences
November 18 - Book Adaptations
November 25 - TMP Television Edition: Mystery
December 2 - Oscar Winners Edition: Best Foreign Language Movie
December 9 - Rags to Riches
December 16 - New to the City
December 23 - Holiday Party
December 30 -TMP Television Edition: Holiday


  1. Oh, this sounds like fun. So in this case the idea is that I'm supposed to write about three Stephen King adaptations by Thursday?

    1. Ideally your post should go up on Thursday or after is ok too but before July 24 which is when the next theme starts. I'll have a Linky Widget on my Thursday post, where any blogger participating can leave a link to their post. I'll leave the Linky widget open for one week.

    2. Alright then. Good thing I've seen a few movies based on Stephen King, though I might have to work from memory since I can't be 100% sure I'll have time to see them all.

    3. The last Stephen King adaptation I saw was the new Carrie and that was a few months back so I'll be working from memory too. This meme doesn't need to be review like, so a short write up/mention of what ever your picks are would still be cool.

  2. Sounds very interesting. Wish I had about this sooner. I'll still try to get something worth reading posted.

  3. I don't suppose you're open to suggestions for themes? I've had one or two ideas pop into my head and I might have more in the future.

    1. Sure, you can just post your suggestion here and your preferred Thursday date. Or if you prefer you can email me your suggestions at bookishwanderings at gmail dot com.

    2. Well, I don't have a specific date, but one theme that occurred to me yesterday was Nautical Movies.

    3. That's good. Quite a challenging theme for me as I haven't really seen a lot of Nautical ones.
      I'll be adding it to one of the September or October dates.

    4. I sent you an e-mail with a few more I was able to come up with. Hopefully you got that one alright.

  4. This sounds really interesting! I think I've missed the boat this week but I would love to join in next Thursday :)
    - Allie

  5. This sounds like a fun idea and I do have a question for you. Is it okay if I am a bit late on doing this Thurday's meme because I really would like to do it?

    1. Sure you can. Each Thursday's meme is open until the following Wednesday. Be sure to add your post link on the Linky widget on my Thursday post if you're participating.

  6. Not sure if you're open to changing the schedule around, but I'll ask anyway. Is it possible to move Teen Vampire Movies, Zombie Movies, Ghost Stories/Haunting Movies, and Found Footage Movies all into October? Every year during that month, as cliche as it is, I go wall-to-wall horror. I understand if you don't, because my reasons for asking are entirely selfish. Let me know.

    1. are right. I was trying to make a Halloweenish theme thing...but somehow I mixed up the months and put some of them in November. I will move things around for the topics in later months

  7. So the next one is movies about assassins. That's going to be a tough one... do bounty hunters count? If so, think I might know a few that could qualify.

    1. Nope bounty hunters are too different.
      Google assassin/hit man movies...I'm sure you'd find something that you'd probably have watched but didn't think of initially.

  8. I noticed there's no theme for this week. A few suggestions (for now or later), if you're open: Movies about time travel, Movies about addiction, Foreign Language Movies - Spanish, Movies about musicians, Movies about married couples, Black and White Movies made since 1970, Movies with children as villains..I'll stop here.

    1. I must have missed it when I rearranged the topics for October. For this coming Thursday I'll pick Movies about Time Travel.
      With your suggestions, John's and my own, I think we currently have topics right till probably early 2016. :)

    2. Movies That Take Place on a Train might also be a good category.

    3. Haha good one...a theme for next year...especially since I just watched Snowpiercer

  9. I'm way late to the party, but I can't wait to participate in some of these. I'm starting to plan them now!

  10. Ooh, is it too late to join in? It seems so fun, I love others' picks!

  11. For this week do you mean a movie with any color as part of the title or specifically the word Color?

  12. Can I join it? But I'm pretty late, haha

    1. Sure, no one is ever really late. Join in whenever you can. This being Thursday is the start of a new theme.

  13. Can I join in? I love movies AND making movie related lists :)

    1. Of course! You don't have to ask. Just jump in :)

  14. Will you do this next year? I am so enjoying this...being new to it

  15. Most definitely; in the midst of arranging the themes. It should be up early December.

  16. Sorry I've missed the many weeks over the past few months. I'll start again next year. I've seen a few wars in there - you could throw in the Vietnam War? Plenty to choose from.

    1. I missed your entry here, so I'll keep your suggestion in mind for 2017.

  17. I'm hoping to get back into this, though I can't make any promises on how frequently I'll be contributing. There are still a few of these categories that I could get started on already so that's good. The real challenge is going to be selecting three astronaut movies. I've got so many good ones to choose from.

    1. Great. I hope you get to participate in the themes you suggested.

  18. This sounds like a lot of fun Sadly, I missed the first topic, but I guess I just make a doubble post next week. Count me in :)

    1. Cool, glad that you're interested in participating. Just to let you know, each Thursday, the topic is actually open for participation until the next Wednesday.

  19. Just discovered this series and can't wait to participate! Great idea :)

    Laura @ What's Hot?

  20. Okay, I had some ideas for categories. I hope you don't mind if I write some of these down...
    So there were a few ideas I had that I thought could follow up on the World War I and II categories...

    -American Civil War
    -Cold War (non-Vietnam)
    -Movies about the British Empire
    -Revolution! (your choice of which revolution)
    -Modern Warfare
    -Future Warfare

    Here's some other ideas...
    -Voyage to the Moon
    -Movies about Mars
    -Movies featuring the Jovian planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and/or Neptune)
    -Interstellar Travel (non-Interstellar)
    -First Contact
    -Movies everyone hates but you love
    -Movies everyone loves but you hate
    -Movies that take place underwater
    -Olympics Movies
    -Friendly Aliens (i.e. E.T.)
    -Movies based on/inspired by Greek/Egyptian/Norse Mythology
    -Re-imaginings of Shakespeare
    -Movies about Mental Illness
    -Movies about coping with illness/injury
    -Courtroom Movies
    -Racing Movies

  21. If it's any interest, I've been looking at doing something for my blog ( and I had a few ideas for topics which didn't make the final cut but I thought you may be interested in making use of...

    -Movies about Navy SEALs
    -Movies about the United States Marine Corps
    -In the Navy
    -Movies about Snipers
    -Air Force Movies
    -Black Ops
    -The Resistance
    -Korean War
    -The Middle Ages
    -Movies set during the Renaissance

  22. If you're still planning on doing this for 2018 I do have a few suggestions:

    Political Comedy
    Martial Arts
    Bad Parents
    Spin-offs (TV Edition)

  23. This looks a fab idea for a Thursday, can I join in when I can??

  24. Sounds very interesting. Wish I had about this sooner. I'll still try to get something worth reading posted. Nice

  25. I'm not sure if this is any help, but was looking at the list and started to have some ideas for a World War II theme. The obvious problem is there are so many movies about World War II that cover so many different aspects it wouldn't fit in one list, which got me to wondering if it might make a good overarching theme in the future.

    Here's what I have so far- feel free to add anything if you use it:

    World War II Edition:
    -Western Front
    -Eastern Front
    -Pacific Front
    -African Front
    -Axis Perspective (films about the German, Italian, or Japanese sides of the war)
    -The Resistance
    -Air Force
    -Holocaust (possibly- I'm not sure if this would be too sensitive; I can understand if you'd rather not touch this)
    -Famous Battles
    -Civilian Perspective

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