Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday #1: Top 10 TV Series I am Currently Following

Top Ten Tuesday is a bookish weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish where bloggers share a list based on a weekly theme.

This week the theme is not bookish as it's "Let's talk about other types of stories. Either Top Ten Favorite Movies or TV Shows". Because I'm starting my own movie meme Thursday Movie Picks this Thursday (which you can find about more here), for this week's Top Ten Tuesday I will list out the Top 10 TV Series I am currently following.

I am not really current in terms of the hottest shows that are out there or in terms of the seasons of the shows that I follow since we have yet to get some shows (eg Orange is the New Black) or even if we do get some of the US/UK series, we get them a season or two late. Thus I will also mention where I am now with the series below as I'm fearful of spoilers from episodes/seasons I have not watched appearing in the comments.

In alphabetical order:

Bates Motel - Completed Season 1
Interesting that they decided to set in present day, which I think ups the complexity in terms of hiding Norman's unstableness and it works because it is a messy business. I thought everyone's perfect in their roles. Vera Farmiga as Norman's rather smothering mother (you'd wonder if she contributed to Norman's condition) and Freddie Highmore as Norman who is clearly off.

Boardwalk Empire - Completed Season 2
I gave this series a watch without knowing what it was really about as I like watching period drama. And I like. Good gritty drama about the corrupt politicians and the mobsters they do business with in 1920s Atlantic City.

Game of Thrones - Season 3 Episode 8
One of the best shows around. Great cast, great drama, beautiful location/sets...you believe this world where seven noble families battle for control over exists. So much conflict, backstabbing occurs, you never know which alliance overrides which alliance and who will survive.

Mr Selfridge - Completed Season 1
I'm a fan of period dramas. There's not many period TV series and this is one of the quality ones. There was a similar series revolving around a department store called The Paradise released around the same time, but I thought Mr Selfridge was far superior. It had better sets, costumes and story and I really enjoyed seeing the inner workings of a department store in that period of time especially since the concept of a department store was so new then. I also though the couples in Mr Selfridge were certainly better casted and had very good chemistry.

The Newsroom - Completed Season 1
Some of the episodes are a little self important. They were trying too hard to drive how important news is and how this fictional news station was trying to be The ethical news station. Other than that...it is an Aaron Sorkin show, so I enjoy the banter and verbal fights his characters often get into.

Once Upon a Time - Currently at Season 3 Episode 6
I didn't even like the first few episodes of this series and the green screen used to really take me out of the story in the beginning. But I stuck through it and I think binge watching season 1 on DVD pays off. There's tons of good episodes and since ABC is Disney, it's fun seeing all the Disney characters appearing in them. A few of the the Frozen characters are already set to appear in season 4.

Orphan Black - Currently at Season 2 Episode 2
This show is a surprise. I had read/heard this show being mention on blogs/podcasts but never really knowing what it's about. Anyway it's awesome. So is the main actress, who plays several different characters and you'll have no problem believing her as all those different character.

Revenge -Completed Season 2
Such a soap operaish show where everyone is rich, looks perfect with plenty of scandal and backstabbing. Still I find it highly entertaining and when/how will it all unravel?

The Vampire Diaries - Completed Season 4
I love this show! It started out as this teen vampire series, with the typical high school drama and the whole keep the Vampire thing a secret, but it got better and better as it went along. And it has such great villains...like Klaus...unfortunately he has moved to The Originals a show I'm not enjoying as much. Then there's Damon, the antihero as ever, my favourite Salvatore brother.

The Walking Dead - Completed Season 3
Amazing how there's a zombie tv series. I love the look of the show and how high the stakes always are. I'd like to check out the graphic novel someday too.


  1. I think I need to check out Once Upon A Time. I think I'd love it.

  2. So many great titles here! I watch Once Upon A Time on and off and something tells me it's time to catch up again!

    1. Binge watch it. It's the best way to watch, especially since Once Upon a Time has a lot of side characters and often goes back to the past for their backstory.

  3. I'm a huge fan of The Walking Dead. Like...to the point of obsession. Great list. I need to check out a lot of these. I am the worst at keeping up with shows ::sighs:: They never end!

  4. I watched the first season of Bates Motel and really liked it, so I definitely need to catch up with the series at some point - I feel like it is one of those shows I want to binge watch rather than watching an episode per week. I've seen the first season of Once Upon a Time twice, so I think it is time for me to continue with the series at some point.

    1. Since I wrote this post I've started on season 2 of Bates Motel...and so far so good :). And yes definitely continue watching Once Upon a Time.

  5. I've stepped away from tv and movies for so long that I need some new recommendations. Thanks for sharing these. I'm taking notes today. I'm writing down Newsroom.

    And, since I'm not really in a position to recommend tv or movies, I decided to venture off on my own this week and post about mood-boosting books: Be-Happy Books.

  6. Your further along than me in a lot of them shows :P Great List: here is my TTT http://thereadingrose.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/top-ten-tuesday_15.html

  7. Oh, Mr Selfridge almost made my list this week, as well, because I absolutely love it too!! I agree, fantastic sets, costumes, and casting!!

  8. So many great titles, I feel like watching some tv right now :P

    My top ten

  9. I've seen a few of the earlier episodes of ONCE UPON A TIME, although not completely and thought I wouldn't like watching it. But when I went on travel and by chance stumbled into a later episode of the show, maybe season 2 or 3, I kind of want to give this show another chance. :) And I do hear all the rave about Orphan Black so it's something that I'm going to be checking out soon too. :) Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my TTT :)

  10. You should definitely check out the graphic novel of TWD. Graphic novels aren't exactly my thing, but I love zombies. One of the most interesting thing about the novels is how the show diverges from them. It's a nice treat for people who have read all of the novels published to date to still be surprised by the show.

    1. I'll definitely try and read the graphic novels. Oh I've heard about some of the changes the show made :)

  11. Once Upon a Time and The Walking Dead are on my list. Revenge and Bates Motel I want to check out. Great list!
    My TTT


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