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Thursday Movie Picks #123: Movies based on a TV Series

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This week's Thursday Movie is Movies based on a TV Series


Here's a fun theme. I love watching TV just as much as movies so it's always interesting to see if a successful tv series can be made into a movie. My picks today are 2 that I like and the third is one where it totally didn't work.

21 Jump Street (2012)
I thought the idea of a movie remake of 21 Jump Street was so dumb. I wasn't super familiar with the TV series, but from what I understand it was a drama. So thinking the remake would similarly be a drama I just thought the premise sounds too dated for this decade. But nope, the movie is comedy and it was great. They had a lot of fun with the basic premise of young-ish  (but not so young-ish) cops having to go undercover as high school students.

Mission: Impossible (1996-
Have not seen this TV series too and had never really cared for the movies as well; but after seeing how great Ghost Protocol was, I checked out the 3rd one and have now also seen Rogue Nation. As action films, they're probably one of the best. In terms of story, they have convoluted plots that I've given up following which I suspect are all really dumb anyway. So just watch it for the amazing stunts, gadgetry and impossible situations.

Bewitched (2005)
The bad apple of today's picks. I love the TV series and had look forward to the movie. Unfortunately it was terrible. I just don't understand why they just didn't do a straight up remake.


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  1. 21 Jump Street is hilarious. I had low expectations with that one and was blown away. I actually didn't know Mission Impossible was based on a TV Series, and you're right, that Betwitched movie was SO bad.

  2. 21 Jump Street the movie is so tonally different from the TV show that outside of the original concept they can be viewed and enjoyed as unique unto themselves. The movie is goofy fun though it goes overboard towards the end. The TV show was more serious but that kept it from becoming Beverly Hills 90210 Goes Undercover.

    I've only seen the first two MI movies, I wasn't crazy about the first and hated the second but I loved the TV show which were much more cerebral and much less reliant on action to sustain its stories.

    I'm with you on Bewitched. Absolutely adored the Elizabeth Montgomery original and am completely perplexed how the filmmakers could screw up something that would seem so easily adapted so utterly.

    This week offered so many choices it was a snap. These are the three I came up with.

    Serenity (2005)-Continuing the story of Captain Mal Reynolds (Nathan Fillion) and his crew who are roaming the galaxy in their beat up spaceship Serenity from the short lived show Firefly. With a brother and sister who are being pursued by a hired killer, the ruthless Operative (Chiwetel Ejiofor) the group planet hop from place to place in their somewhat unreliable rust bucket. By turns light-hearted and tense.

    The Fugitive (1993)-Dr. Richard Kimble (Harrison Ford) is attacked in a home invasion and his wife murdered by a one armed man. Falsely accused of the crime he escapes after a spectacular train wreck and sets out to find the person responsible all the while pursued by the dogged efforts of Deputy Sam Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones). Fasted paced and entertaining, TLJ won a best supporting Oscar for his work. Updated and slightly rethought version of the classic David Janssen series with some terrific action set pieces.

    Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! (1988)-There’s a plot to turn innocent people into assassins and through them kill prominent people including Queen Elizabeth II but the police are on it. The problem however is that the case has been assigned to Frank Drebin (Leslie Nielsen) an utterly clueless detective who specialty is bumbling. Silly comedy turned formerly stern leading man Nielsen into a comedy mainstay. Based on the comic TV series Police Squad.

  3. All excellent picks - but was not a fan of Bewitched, used to like the show though. Love loved the first Mission Impossible film - RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT!

  4. I haven't seen any of these shows, but I loved 21 Jump Street and the Mission: Impossible series is quite good.

  5. OMG...I completely forgot Bewitched was made into that awful movie. Why would they ever think to put those to actors together?? Zero chemistry. Waste of everyones time including my own!

  6. I am not a Jonah Hill me he reeks of being an arrogant snot so i haven't seen 21 Jump St. I have seen the original TV series of MI and enjoyed it the few I have seen. and do enjoy the movies. the 2nd film is the worst. in my eyes. I love Bewitched---the TV series and hated this remake. It was poorly done and couldn't get into Nicole Kidman as Samantha at all. I did like her dad but still, the original cast members were the best...I do mean Dick York over Dick Sargeant

  7. I didn't know Mission Impossible was based on a television show! I have yet to watch the third movie, but enjoyed the first, fourth and fifth movies. I didn't love the remake of Bewitched, the show was good, based on the few episodes that I've seen.

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