Saturday, December 10, 2022

Thursday Movie Picks #439: Retro Chic (Movies set in the present day but has a retro look)

Hello there and welcome to Thursday Movie Picks a weekly series where you share your movie picks each Thursday. The rules are simple: based on the theme of the week pick three to five movies and tell us why you picked them. For further details and the schedule visit the series main page here.


This week's Thursday Movie Picks is Retro Chic (Movies set in the present day but has a retro look)


I had initially wanted to pick Wes Anderson's films, but it was hard to tell if they were ever set in the present day, because everyone wore retro costumes and I can't remember if they ever featured present day tech gadgets, which kind of signaled the movies were set in some undetermined past. Anyway I'm picking the ones I like.

Nancy Drew (2007)
I don't remember the plot, but I had thought it was charming that while Nancy is a present day teen who uses tech gadgets in her sleuthing, she, her father and Ned all dress like they're out of time, from a different decade.

Stoker (2013)
I really like this one. India and her whole family their whole lifestyle seem like from a different period.  It's only, I think, when she goes to school that we realise how out of time and weird they all are.

Dope (2015)
I don't even really like hip hop but I thought this was quite a fun movie following the adventures of a geeky teen and his friends, during their senior year of high school, who all like 90's hip hop culture and dresses like they are from that decade.


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  1. Ohhh Stoker and Dope are such good choices for this theme! I really liked both movies. I haven't seen Nancy Drew.

    1. Nancy Drew is more of a movie for tweens but it was a decent movie and I enjoyed it, charming its their retro-ness.

  2. Stoker was really interesting. It was so different from what I had expected this film to be


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