Thursday, November 3, 2016

Thursday Movie Picks #121: Non-English Language Movies - Middle Eastern Language Movies

Hello there and welcome to Thursday Movie Picks a weekly series where you share three movie picks each Thursday. The rules are simple simple: Each week there is a topic for you to create a list of three movies. Your picks can either be favourites/best, worst, hidden gems, or if you're up to it one of each.For further details visit the series main page here.


This week's Thursday Movie Picks is Non-English Language Movies - Middle Eastern Language Movies


This week is challenging for me. I don't have a lot choices to pick from and 90% of the ones I've seen are Iranian so all my picks to day will be Iranian movies and they're definitely gems.

A Separation (2011)
Such a great movie. A married couple have differing views on where to raise their daughter. The husband wants to stay in Iran so that he can also care for his father who has Alzheimer while the wife wants to move to another country for better opportunities for their daughter. Caught in the middle is the daughter, and the last scene was just very sad because throughout the movie we see that they are pretty loving family; it's that one thing that forces them apart.

Baran (2001)
Set in Iran, a Turkish boy is resentful of the new Afghan boy at the construction site he works at as the boy gets to do the lighter tasks. However, when he discovers the boy is actually a girl, he begins to understand the hardship she goes through and falling in love with her, he tries to help her in any way he can. A lovely story of unselfish love that is definitely not like the typical teen love story.

Children of Heaven (1997)
A brother loses his sister's shoes, and not wanting to trouble their parents, they cope with the lost shoes by sharing the only pair they have left, the brother's, between them. The movie and the kids are just sweet, charming and full innocence.


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  1. A Separation is so freaking stunning. You are totally right about that last scene. Just gutting. Haven't even heard of the other two.

  2. A Separation is popular this week. I also chose it. I haven't seen the other two, I'm disappointed Baran isn't on Netflix, that sounds like something I'd enjoy. I'll have to check Daily Motion or Youtube.

    1. A Separation is the most recent and won a couple of awards, so I can definitely understand why it's so popular.

      I always thought that Majid Majidi's films were fairly popular too at least in the 2000s which was how I heard and saw them...I hope you get to see them. May I suggest checking out the library. In my experience, libraries are a great place to find adaptations, artsy and foreign titles.

  3. A Separation is wonderful! Loved every minute of it. I haven't seen the other two, but Baran sounds good.

  4. I have not seen any of these but I do want to see them. I remember hearing about them when watching reviews and the Oscars. I have no picks this week as I saw nothing!

  5. Not heard of these except the first one but Baran sounds good. Something not so typical.

  6. Had to sit this one out. I have seen A Separation and it is a great movie. That last scene is so perfectly painful. Never heard of the others.

  7. A low turnout this week, guess its because people haven't seen much films from the region. Interesting picks, I like the sound of Baran.


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