Sunday, January 1, 2023

2023 Thursday Movie Picks Schedule (Final)

Just one thing before you scroll down to the final schedule. If you haven't read my 2022 Thursday Movie Picks Schedule (Preliminary) post, click the link and read it. I had written about some RUDE participants. Basically if you want to participate in TMP, participate properly…don’t be that rude person.


So back to all you other decent folks who have been participating, thanks for joining in the past and here is a refresher on the two requirements for Thursday Movie Picks (TMP) participation. 

1. Submit your link in the linkup widget.
2. Link back to my blog on their own TMP post.

This 2023 run of TMP is the tenth year I'm doing the series and I really contemplated either not doing it at all or just doing it on my own so that I can do sporadically rather than every single Thursday. 2023 is going to be a little busy so doing every Thursday is going to be a challenge. In the end I found a middle ground. As you may have noticed the schedule is shorter.

The 2023 TMP is going to run on the second Thursday of every month for the regular movie edition and the last Thursday of the month for the TV edition. The exception is February for the Romance Tropes Edition and October for the Halloween edition which will run every single Thursday for that month.

This is the final schedule. Any mistakes, questions or clarification needed please leave a comment. Also can someone check the dates for me as last year I made quite a number of mistakes with dates leading to extra themes.



2023 Thursday Movie Picks Schedule (Final)

January 12 - 2022 Releases
January 26 - TMP Television Edition: 2022 Freshmen Series
February 2 - Romance Tropes Edition: Travel Romance
February 9 - Romance Tropes Edition: Cinderella Plot (A heroine being swept off her feet by a wealthy guy)
February 16 - Romance Tropes Edition: Forced Proximity (characters are stuck together perhaps sheltering from a storm together, or are on a long haul flight, or stuck in a lift…etc)
February 23 - Romance Tropes / TMP Television Edition: Friends To Lovers
March 9 - Companion Reads (Pair a book to a movie that makes a good companion read because they feature similar themes/subject - not necessarily the book it was based on).
March 30 - TMP Television Edition: Companion Reads (Pair a book to a TV show that makes a good companion read because they feature similar themes/subject - not necessarily the book it was based on).
April 13 - Erotic Thrillers
April 27 - TMP Television Edition: Lukewarm Second Season (Series that had a hot First Season and a not so hot Second Season)
May 11 - Period Drama
May 25 - TMP Television Edition: TV Score and/or Theme Song
June 8 - Seasons in Title
June 29 - TMP Television Edition: Revenge
July 13 - Book Adaptation
July 27 - TMP Television Edition: Con Artists
August 10 - Workplace: The Female Experience
August 31 - TMP Television Edition: Female Investigators (Private or Police)
September 14 - Non-English Language Movies
September 28 - TMP Television Edition: Book Adaptation
October 5 - Halloween Edition: Tourist Experience
October 12 - Halloween Edition: New Person (eg. new girlfriend, new stepfather, new colleague…etc)
October 19 - Halloween Edition: Workplace
October 26 - Halloween/Television Edition: Cults/Secret Societies
November 9 - A Different Perspective (a well known story told from the perspective of a different character. An example is the recent Rosaline movie which is a retelling of Romeo and Juliet from the perspective of Rosaline, you know the girl Shakespeare mentions Romeo had been infatuated with and conveniently forgot about when he met Juliet)
November 30 - TMP Television Edition: Non-English
December 14 - Day or Night in Title
December 28 - TMP Television: Sports (Scripted Series. Non-Reality)


  1. Oh ...bummer....I had a feeling that you were not going to do this or curtail it. I think I will grab some from your 2014 editions. I hope you do continue this next year.

  2. I commend you for still going! It's hard to think of themes every week, but biweekly is a nice alternative. I completely missed your post for suggestions due to the holiday. - Brittani (blogger is stupid on this browser)

    1. Well it’s less about thinking up of themes and more of having to blog every week that is a challenge.
      I didn’t ask for suggestions this year since there were much fewer themes for me to come up with.

  3. Congrats on the 10 year milestone, and totally understand why you cutting it down. Thanks for last years fun, hoping to try for at least once a month this year,

    1. Thanks.
      Sure join in when you can. :)


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