Friday, December 31, 2021

2022 Thursday Movie Picks Schedule (Preliminary)

There are a few important things I'd like to write about so please be patient and read them before proceeding to the preliminary schedule.
If you have been joining TMP you'd know that at the end of every TMP post I would list the linkup requirements for participating in TMP. The two requirements are for participants to submit their link in the linkup widget and the other is to link back to my blog on their own TMP post. Occasionally some participants would forget to do either linkup requirement. Once or twice I would treat it is as either forgetfulness or a mistake. They would usually by themselves remember to do it the next TMP. If anyone does it more than twice, I would usually remind them in their comments section and they tend to comply after that. 
It has come to my attention the past few months that two participants of TMP have not done at least one of the requirements over weeks and months. If a person doesn't do it once or twice, it can be excused as forgetfulness, a mistake. However, more than twice - that is multiple times over weeks and months, it is a choice, deliberate.
According to my linkup widget history, the last time the first participant submitted their link in my linkup widget was for the May 6th 2021 Thursday Movie Picks #356: Oscar Winners Edition: Best Director. After that I simply thought they chose not to participate in TMP anymore; people do come and go. However, in September/October 2021, as I was reading someone else's TMP blog post comments section, I found this person's comment, that implied they had participated for that Thursday's TMP. I visited their blog and found 3 most recent TMPs (I didn't look past the 3 so I have no idea how many actually since May 6th that they had participated in). I promptly left a message on their comment section to remind them to submit their link to my linkup widget for future TMPs they participate in. They replied and gave the excuse that they had either forgotten to or they realised too late and the linkup widget was closed by then. By the way, for each TMP the linkup widget is open until the next Wednesday so about a week of opportunity, there is plenty of time to submit one’s link, every other participant of TMP have been able to do so. Weeks went by and in about November I was once again reading someone else's TMP blog post comments section and found this person's comment yet again implying they have participated for that Thursday's TMP and upon visiting their blog, yes they did. In fact they participated in about 2 or 3 TMPs after the one I left my reminder on yet they continued to not submit to my linkup widget on any of those occasions. The excuse this person initially gave was weak to begin with, now it has thoroughly collapsed. 

The second participant does not have a blog, so previously they would actually participate in TMP by posting their picks in the comments section of my TMP post (so with no blog they do not do any linkup). I regard this as sufficient. Coincidentally according to my blog's comments history, this person stopped posting their picks on my blog post comments section on the May 6th 2021 Thursday Movie Picks #356: Oscar Winners Edition: Best Director. Once again I just assumed they were no longer participating in TMP; after all people come and go over the years. Then I started finding their picks on someone else's TMP blog post comments section. I found another and another on several different bloggers' blogs on several different Thursdays. This person apparently have been participating in multiple TMPs and have been posting their picks ONLY on other bloggers' comments section. It's is fine if they want to post their picks on other's comments section, but to do so without ever posting on mine even though I am the host and creator of TMP??? With this person not having their own blog I had no way of contacting them to STOP the way they have gone about participating in TMP and so this have been going on for weeks and months since MAY! If they didn’t post their picks on mine just once or occasionally…it might be because they forgot…but to do so for each TMP they participated in since May, than that is active choice and that is inexcusable, especially when they leave their picks on everyone else’s blog comments section.
So I suppose the point of this write up is to stop what has been going on, though I doubt those two participants would even see this since their failure to submit their link on my linkup widget and to post their picks in my comments section for the one without a blog seem to imply they don't want to visit my blog. Yet they want to participate in my blog series??? Anyway to other bloggers that have participated, you all have been very good. I would just like to remind you to remember to do the linkup requirements and if you are late and the linkup widget is close, you can always drop your links in the comments section, the considerate ones among you have had the initiative to do so in the past.

So the upcoming 2022 run of Thursday Movie Picks will be the ninth year I'm doing the series.

This year the Romance Tropes Edition has returned and will of course run in February. There's also a new special edition theme for this year, the Mystery Edition, which will no doubt be fun to pick.

As you know with each year, it has been harder and harder coming up with new themes, so I will require a little help from you for some theme suggestions. I have a few dates open; SIX in total (I've highlighted the dates, but please note I may rearrange the order of all the themes on the final schedule - except for the January 6 theme which is fixed). If you're interested in submitting themes here are the submission criteria:

a) must have participated in a few TMPs and have been an active commenter on my TMP blog posts.
b) submit three (no more as I'll probably have a hard time choosing) suggestions by posting a comment on this post. Only on this post.
c) please submit suggestions by January 5.

Any questions or clarification needed please leave a comment.



2022 Thursday Movie Picks Schedule (Preliminary)

January 6 -  2021 Releases
January 13 - Diary/Journal
January 20 - Time Loops (e.g. Groundhog Day)
January 27 - TMP Television Edition: 2021 Freshmen Series
February 3 - Romance Tropes Edition: Enemies to Lovers
February 10 - Romance Tropes Edition: Famous Person and Non-Famous Person Romance
February 17 - Romance Tropes Edition: Second Chance Love
February 24 - Romance Tropes / TMP Television Edition: Workplace Romance
March 3 - A Dig (Archeology/Paleontology)
March 10 -
March 17 -

March 24 - Gaslighting
March 31 - TMP Television Edition: Family Comedies
April 1 -
April 7 - Psychic and Mediums
April 14 -
April 21 - Environmental Wrongs/ Disasters (not a natural disaster, so something like Chernobyl)
April 28 - TMP Television Edition: Royalty
May 5 - Cinephiles in Movies
May 12 - Actors who are Real Life Family Playing Same Family Role in Movies
May 19 -
May 26 - TMP Television Edition: Home and Lifestyle Shows
June 2 - Failure to Launch (Movies that were supposed to launch a franchise)
June 9 - Fantasy
June 16 - Shopping Mall
June 23 - Island Movies
June 30 - TMP Television Edition: Origin Story
July 7 - Fairs
July 14 - Non-English Language Movies
July 21 -  Combat Sports
July 28 - TMP Television Edition: Book Adaptations
August 4 - Math in Movies
August 11 - Ageing Leading Actors Cast as Much Younger Men Playing Alongside Much Younger Actresses
August 18 - Dark Academia
August 25 - TMP Television Edition: Boarding School
September 1 - Mystery Edition: Capers
September 8 - Mystery Edition: Historical Mysteries
September 15 - Mystery Edition: Media or Technology Mysteries
September 22 - Mystery Edition: Female Investigators (Private or Police)
September 29 - Mystery/TMP Television Edition: Cold Cases
October 6 - Halloween Edition: Horror Movie Themes/Scores
October 13 - Halloween Edition: The Final Girl
October 20 - Halloween Edition: New Home
October 27 - Halloween/ TMP Television Edition: Horror TV Themes/Scores
November 3 - Mazes
November 10 - Business
November 17 - Female Revenge Movies
November 24 - Book Adaptations
November 30 - TMP Television Edition: Non-English
December 1 - Art
December 8 - Retro Chic (Movies set in the present day but has a retro look)
December 15 -
December 22 - Winter Sports
December 29 -TMP Television Edition: Amnesiacs


  1. I got a few: Bad musicals.

    Bad Wrestling Movies (subtitled... That Ain't Gonna Work for Me Brother!)

    Softcore porn parodies

  2. I'm sorry you're having issues with participation. I do think the time zone plays into it sometimes. I usually have to come back the next day to add my link.

    Some suggestions

    Movies with flowers/plants in the title
    Best International Film nominees (so not the one that won the Oscar, but one of the other nominees)
    Movies with a body part in the title (ie: heart, arm, etc)

    1. Time zone? What does time zone has to do with anything?

      I think you have misunderstood the point I am making.

      While my blog series is called Thursday Movie Picks, I don’t expect people to publish their posts ONLY on a Thursday. I expect them to publish them FROM Thursday onwards and they have until Wednesday to do so. Even I have published late, often on Fridays and Saturdays. Similarly I don’t expect people to submit their links to the linkup widget ONLY on Thursday, which is why the widget is open until the next Wednesday, which gives everyone almost a whole week. Most people only submit their links on the weekends which is totally understandable, people have busy lives and the weekends are their only leisure time. Furthermore my comments section is always open for those that miss the linkup widget’s Wednesday dateline.

      So the point I am trying to make is NOT that the participants I have mentioned have not done the requirements on a Thursday. The point I am trying to make is that they have NOT been submitting their links EVER either to the linkup widget (which has a submission window between 5-6 days) or my blog posts comments section (which is always open) to every single TMP they have participated in (and they have participated in many many TMPs) since May 2021. So time zone is not a valid excuse. Not that I was ever looking for excuses from any of them but the one with the blog volunteered their excuses and then went on to not submit their links to my linkup widget for subsequent TMPs that they participated in anyway.

      I basically just want anyone that do join in TMP to just comply with the linkup requirements.

  3. Sugar beehive!! I just realized I forgot to link you and have to correct that. In my humble defence I wrote my last post after midnight. I hope I can see some of your comments on my blog as I love to know what you think. 😁. I thought of movies that take place around mountains. Film Noir without Humphrey Bogart. Great teams..not sports but acting teams. Actors who didn’t like each other. Hospitals. Parties.

    1. Birgit you're fine. Like I said once or twice occasionally...I take it just as just mistake, forgetfullness.
      Totally different from the people I have mentioned in this post who do it again and again over months, basically a string of Thursdays...that is not forgetfulness. How can someone forget who hosts and created this blog series and yet continue to participate in it week in week out?

  4. Thank you so much for your work with this series and keeping it fresh and enjoyable! As you can probably tell I had a bit of a rougher end to 2021 than expected and I fell out of sync with Thursday Movie Picks. It happened so that in the beginning I felt anxious about it and frustrated even as I had gone on for so long. I even came back, tried to get back on the bandwagon and hopped off yet again.
    I don't know what 2022 will bring for me and Thursday Movie Picks. I don't know if I can continue as I didn't have the best 2021 in terms of movies and shows. I've always tried to list things I have not mentioned before but I'm running out of recommendations. I've even pushed myself to watch movies just to recommend them and sort of became my own worst enemy. I have so many unnecessary additional rules for TMP that I don't need to have but I kept trying to outdo myself with themes within themes and I just lost the joy along the way.
    So as of now... I don't know. I really want to be apart of TMP 9th year but I'm leaning towards not returning for 2022 at least. Knowing you and knowing TMP is closing in for its amazing 10th year in 2023 I might start mentally preparing for that. (and by that I also mean get back to watching movies and shows that are not just Korean).

    Good luck with TMP!!! And I will not promise I'll be back but I will for sure keep my mind on TMP in the future.

    Suggestions just because I can't drop by empty handed:

    Bad diagnosis
    Coming back home
    Rude neighbour
    Girl boss
    Falsely accused

    1. Awww...Thanks Getter.

      It is quite hard work. I usually come up with 50 to 60 themes throughout the year each year. The tough part is when I actually sit down to schedule. Some of the themes I throw out because it's too challenging with few movies to pick from. Then I would also check against previous years and throw out similar themes, which can be tricky because sometimes the theme is similar but phrased diffently so I can't simply do CTRL+F. And like you said, I do like to keep it fresh. While there are permanent themes like Book Adapations, all the others are new each year.

      Yes I did notice you haven't participated much last year. I do hope you participate this year, I've always enjoyed reading your picks.

      I agree with what you said, it does seem you put pressure on yourself to pick new picks and do the whole theme within a theme. I think you should just keep it light, just pick whatever. I myself just don't want to overthink it each week so I just tend to go with most recent watches (which means they tend to be new picks) that fit the theme or the first three movies that comes to mind. My picks are also not necessarily recommendations, they are just what I have seen that fit the theme. Quick and simple. And don't watch something just for a theme...that would be such a drag. This is all suppose to be fun.

  5. Hi there, hoping to join this collab at least once a month - great list here! And congrats in this collab lasting nine years!

    1. I wouldn't call it a collaboration. It is a blog series where I set the majority of the themes along with a handful of themes suggested by other bloggers each year. Anyone is free to join in each Thursday, picking titles that fit the theme for that week.

      Looking forward to seeing your participation.

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