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Thursday Movie Picks #444: TMP Television Edition - 2022 Freshmen Series

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This week's Thursday Movie Picks is TMP Television Edition - 2022 Freshmen Series

I'll reiterate what's been said in previous years' similar posts, limited series cannot be included today. This TMP theme refers to Freshmen, which means the first season, therefore a limited series with only one planned season is not the first of anything. Here are my favourite freshmen series of 2022, all of which have been renewed for new seasons...there really were some really good new series that launched last year.
Slow Horses (2022 - )
This series follows members of MI5 that have screwed up and have been relegated to Slough House where they are called Slow Horses and get the "boring" jobs or the ones the agency wants to distance themselves from with plausible deniability. This is so much fun and one of the funniest spy series I've seen and with Gary Oldman being so sharply funny as this cranky, unhygienic and sarcastic ex-field agent/spy now head of the losers known as Slow Horses. The series had its first season in April 2022 followed by the second season in December. Each season is a short 6 episode with one story arc and I've enjoyed both seasons...I am really liking series with short seasons...its the best way to tell a story concisely without dragging out a plot with unnecessary fillers  Anyway Slow Horses have been so well received, it's already been renewed for season 3 and 4 with season 3 already shot and its sneak peak viewable at the end of season 2.
Heartstoppers (2022 - )
It's about two boys at school who becomes friends and start to fall for each other. This is one the most adorable sweetest teen romance drama series I have ever seen. It is soo good. Teen dramas tend to have a lot of kids just being nasty towards each other, here they make an effort to be kind and compassionate which is just refreshing. If you like The Half of It, I would highly recommend Heartstopper.

Bad Sisters (2022 - )
Four sisters plot to murder their vile sexist, racist, homophobic brother-in-law to free their beloved sister and niece from his control. This darkly funny dramedy is told like a mystery, where we know from the beginning he is dead, we just don't know how he died. It slowly reveals the events that would lead to his death through multiple flashbacks. Bad Sisters is a funny funny series, but also rather sad and horrific...the brother-in-law is just a horrible horrible criminally so. Anyway I was so surprised that this is getting a second season since I thought the first season ended neatly.
The Recruit (2022 - )
A lawyer working for the CIA gets entangled in a case where a former asset threatens to expose her relationship with the agency. This is actually a very fun action spy series with a bit of humour. I do like its rather unique angle to a spy story where the main character is a lawyer, whose main job is to assess and advise on the agency's legal options, but instead gets drawn into a case that puts him in multiple dangerous situations that he is ill equipped to cope being not an agent and have zero fighting skills. 

Severance (2022 - )
In an unknown near future, employees can volunteer for a procedure called Severance, where their memories are surgically divided between their work and personal lives. I found the first few episodes so dull; I didn't know why people liked it and giving it such high praise, I almost gave up...but I ended up liking the series a lot. I'd say you have to see at least halfway through the season, that's when everything sort of clicked for me and the series just got better with each episode. It really is a terrifying vision of a future version of work life balance. 

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  1. I've heard so many good things about Severance - I really need to watch that one

  2. I plan on starting Severance as soon as Ted Lasso comes back.


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