Thursday, August 6, 2020

Thursday Movie Picks #317: Seven Deadly Sins Edition - Pride

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This week's Thursday Movie Picks is Seven Deadly Sins Edition - Pride


This the last theme of the Seven Deadly Sins Edition. I hope you had fun making your picks; it has certainly been a very challenging edition, including this very last one: pride. My picks today are the first three that immediately came to mind.

Pride & Prejudice (2005)
Obvious pick with the theme in the title. Mr Darcy's pride comes through in that proposal scene where he basically says Elizabeth is financially and socially beneath him and her family is so pathetically desperate, but it's okay because even though he struggled with it he likes her anyway and then expects her to not be insulted by that.

White Oleander (2002)
Ingrid's, a self-center beautiful intellectual artist, pride is wounded when her boyfriend cheats on her causing her to murder him as revenge and leaving her daughter to go through the foster system when she is convicted and sent to prison.

Great Expectations (1998)
Young Estella was extremely proud and haughty. She had wealth and beauty and she knew it as she looked disdainfully at poor young Finn, whose family was paid by her adoptive mother to be her playmate.


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  1. I like Pride and Prejudice, but I've never seen White Oleander or Great Expectations. I'll probably never see the latter because I just did not like the book.

    1. I've read Great Expectations too. I didn't enjoy it as well. The book was very tedious. But I did like the basic story. Which is why I do like this modern adaptation and some its period adaptation. They take the gist of it and leave the fat out.

      Anyway I love this GR adaptation that was directed by Cuaron. Love the choice of art (the Finn character works as an artist), the score and just how the movie looks visually.

  2. We match with Pride and Prejudice! :-D

  3. This is my favorite version of P&P but I'd used it before. That proposal scene is the best one in the film, it lays out the problems of both characters and how they relate to each other so well.

    I didn't like this take on Great Expectations. Aside from the unnecessary liberties taken with the source material Paltrow is a performer I have very little patience with.

    It's on my watchlist but I haven't seen White Oleander.

    As I said this is my fave version of Pride & Prejudice but there are so many I chose another along with one of Bette Davis's most famous films and a film so terrible even the leading actors hated it.

    Jezebel (1938) In the pre-Civil War South headstrong Julie Marsden (Bette Davis who won the Best Actress Oscar for this) loses his fiancée Preston Dillard (Henry Fonda) after creating a scene at a ball when her pride stands in the way of her making amends. When he returns from the North with a new wife Amy (Margaret Lindsay) she schemes to get him back but a duel and a yellow fever epidemic complicate matters.

    Pride and Prejudice (1940)-When the wealthy Mr. Darcy (Laurence Olivier) and Mr. Bingley (Bruce Lester) arrive in her rural village Mrs. Bennett (Mary Boland) sees an opportunity to find husbands for at least two of her five unmarried daughters. Jane (Maureen O’Sullivan) takes a shine to Mr. Bingley but it’s instant animosity between Elizabeth (Greer Garson) and Darcy who let their pride (his) and prejudices (hers) stand in the way of their attraction. High grade adaptation with good performances though Greer at 36 is pushing it as the supposedly 19 year old Elizabeth.

    The Pride and the Passion (1957)-A piece of immense foolishness about a British captain (Cary Grant) in Spain trying to prevent the French from stealing a super cannon (the pride of Spain) during the Napoleonic Wars! Ludicrously cast with the Italian Sophia Loren and Hoboken born Frank Sinatra (preposterous with both an atrocious accent and wig!?) as Spanish guerillas (she’s okay but he is dreadful) and a stiff as a board Cary. Overripe piece of twaddle that Grant considered the worst thing he ever did. He would visibly cringe whenever it was mentioned.

    1. I like this modern GR and don't mind the changes it made.

      I don't think I can watch the Pride and Prejudice (1940). I've seen the images of it and the female costumes are more from the Victorian period rather than the Regency period. It looks ridiculous.

  4. White Oleander is such a good movie.


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