Thursday, August 2, 2018

Thursday Movie Picks #212: Body Switch

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This week's Thursday Movie Picks is Body Switch


Choosing my favourites this week.

Wish Upon a Star (1996)
Nerdy younger sister switches body with her older popular sister. I loved this when I saw this ages ago. Just a super cute teen movie. And it stars Katherine Heigl before she was famous.

The Hot Chick (2002)
Popular high school girl switches body with an older man who is a criminal. I found this hilarious when I saw this. I wonder how well this has aged. And it also stars Anna Faris and Rachel McAdams
Freaky Friday (2003)
Mother and daughter body switch. Cute and funny. And apparently there's going to be another Freaky Friday coming out this August.


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  1. I wasn't overly enthusiastic about The Hot Chick, it was dumb but harmless and I haven't given it a thought since I watched it.

    This version of Freaky Friday is fun thanks to Jamie Lee Curtis and Lohan but my heart remains with the original one starring Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster.

    I've never heard of the first but it sound pleasant enough.

    I did a bit of decade jumping for mine since the idea has a long cinematic history.

    Turnabout (1940)-Well-to-do Tim Willows (John Hubbard) is the main operator of his advertising company Manning, Willows, and Claire. His wife Sally (Carole Landis) stays at home and oversees their social life. When together they bicker constantly that the other has it much easier than they do. One day in the heat of an argument they wish they could switch places with each other in the presence of Mr. Ram, an Indian idol they have received as a gift. When they wake up the next morning they have indeed switched places and bodies with each other. Chaos ensues. Sprightly comedy with good performances and a twist ending.

    Goodbye Charlie (1964)-Hollywood screenwriter and womanizing reprobate Charlie Sorrel is shot by film producer Sir Leopold Sartori (Walter Matthau) when he catches him with his wife on Sartori’s yacht and falls into the drink. Shortly afterwards Bruce Minton III (Pat Boone) comes to the aid of a dazed woman (Debbie Reynolds-at the height of her blonde beauty) wandering on a beach. She doesn't remember much other than directions to Charlie's residence. The next morning, it all comes back to her: she is Charlie…but in female form. Needing help she convinces her only friend, George Tracy (Tony Curtis), of her identity. Having changed sex, but not his ways the new Charlie now going by Virginia decides to take advantage of the situation, with Tracy's reluctant help. Directed by Vincente Minnelli with a super cast including a young Ellen Burstyn when she was still billed as Ellen McRae. Remade in the 90’s as Switch with Ellen Barkin and Jimmy Smits.

    Vice Versa (1988)-While on a buying trip in Thailand for his department store Marshall Seymour (Judge Reinhold) has a cursed Buddhist skull slipped into his shipment by a pair of thieves (Swoosie Kurtz & David Proval). When he returns to the States he finds that he has to take care of his estranged son Charlie (Fred Savage) when his divorced wife goes away for a few days. One morning in the middle of an argument Marshall finds the skull and while both he and Charlie are holding it they wish they had the other’s life and voil√† they get there wish. As both first luxuriate and then begin to understand the frustrations the other puts up with the thieves are in hot pursuit trying to get the artifact back. Frantic farce makes good use of Reinhold’s gift for physical comedy.

    1. I haven't seen the original Freaky Friday, but would like to.
      As for your picks, I have not seen any of them yet.

  2. We share Freaky Friday! I saw it many years ago but I enjoyed it. I had no idea another Freaky Friday is coming out this month.

    1. I didn't know too until I looked up this Freaky Friday on IMDB and all the Freaky Fridays came up.

  3. I have a feeling The Hot Chick has not aged well lol. I thought it was funny when it first came out too.

  4. I've only seen bits and pieces of The Hot Chick. What I saw was pretty bad. Doubt I'll be going back to that. I liked Freaky Friday. Very cute movie.

  5. I haven’t seen any of these but I will try to see F4eaky Friday and maybe even Hot Chicks


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