Thursday, April 27, 2023

Thursday Movie Picks #452: TMP Television Edition - Lukewarm Second Season

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This week's Thursday Movie Picks is TMP Television Edition - Lukewarm Second Season (Series that had a hot First Season and a not so hot Second Season)

Heroes (2006)
The first season was outstanding; it was a series which I really looked forward to the next episode. So I was excited about the second season, unfortunately it was such a letdown. I can’t really remember now why, since it’s almost 20 years ago now, but I think the story was just not as interesting and the characters started doing silly things. The same goes for its other subsequent seasons which were all never able to have that same magic from season one.
Felicity (1998)
Felicity didn’t have the kind of stellar season one that Heroes had, but it was a decent show and its first season was I think well liked by its target demographic. Then Felicity, the title character, cut her curly locks and it lost some of its audience. Here’s the thing…I don’t think the quality of the show dipped, not like Heroes, Felicity I thought was a consistent series. The problem was I think not just the haircut, it was Felicity herself. I have not seen the show in two decades, but I vaguely remember Felicity having two quirks. One where she pauses a lot, unable to spit out what she actually wants to say. The second where she sort of rambles a lot when she’s nervous or something…these two things occur frequently and they can make her annoying. However, her big curly hair makes her cute/attractive, so her annoying quirks are somewhat tolerable. But when she cut her hair in season two, it really is one of the worst hairstyles ever, she is no longer as attractive and all that annoying quirks that used to be tolerable is now not. This is a fictional character after all, one that can easily be dropped, …so I can understand why people choose not to watch a show with a very annoying main character anymore.

The Morning Show (2019)
The first two were easy picks but I had a hard time picking a third series. This I think fits well. The first season of The Morning Show had a lot of buzz for multiple reasons. It is one of Apple TV+ first few TV shows released when it was launched. It starred a few big movie stars. It had a Me Too plot involving a news anchor which was something very current at the time with the scandals that some real anchors were embroiled in. Anyway I thought The Morning Show’s season one lived up to the hype, it was an entertaining season. The second season was subsequently released in 2021 which I don’t remember hearing much buzz about that I even forgot there was a second season. Not a fan of the second season, to me it basically just dragged on too much of the same drama from the first season and not really in an interesting way along with some other messy secondary plot dramas. I would say compared with the first season, it had a lot less focus.


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  1. Now I'm kind of glad that I never watched any of these shows.

  2. We match on Heroes but I'm kicking myself for not thinking of The Morning Show. The second season was awful.


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