Thursday, January 16, 2020

Thursday Movie Picks #288: 2019 Releases

Hello there and welcome to Thursday Movie Picks a weekly series where you share your movie picks each Thursday. The rules are simple: based on the theme of the week pick three to five movies and tell us why you picked them. For further details and the schedule visit the series main page here.


This week's Thursday Movie Picks is 2019 Releases


This is yet another tough one since I've only seen a handful of 2019 releases. Anyway here are the ones I like.

Earthquake Bird (2019)
An expat in Japan is questioned about a missing friend who may have been involved with her boyfriend. I like it. It is very atmospheric and broody with an extremely unreliable protagonist, so it really kept me guessing until the end.

The King (2019)
It's about the prince as he becomes Henry V. I've not read Shakespeare Henry V, but I'm guessing this is an adaptation of it instead of being more historical based...since certain people did not die in reality as when they do in this movie...but without Shakespeare's prose, which I suppose made it easier to understand at least for me. Historical inaccuracies aside, I really like it. It was well written and well paced. Everyone was good in their parts and those last few scenes with Henry V and Catherine and later William were great. The only thing I didn't like was Pattinson as the Dauphin, it was too over the top I thought.

Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019)
Spider-man goes on a European school trip and once again he has to save the day. I'm really enjoying this new Spider-man franchise. It's bright, fun and funny. I think it's because they kept Spider-man a teenager, so there's a wide eyed wonder about him where everything is both scary but still cool and fun and there's also his friends where a lot of the humor comes from. I'm looking forward to the third movie especially after that revelation at the end.


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  1. Great choices!
    I loved Spider Man and The King was great too, but Pattinson's fake French accent annoyed me so much.

  2. I've only seen Spider-Man and I liked it despite it being not THE best Marvel movie. I'm just a sucker for Jake and Tom.
    I haven't seen The King yet because I just, historical movies or period dramas just scare me a little. I do love Timothe tho so I'll try to watch it.
    The first one is completely new to me, must check it out.

  3. I've never heard of Earthquake Bird, I'll have to look into that. I liked Far From Home, The King was okay. I thought Chalamet was great in it, but the rest of kind of lacking.

  4. I haven't seen your first two picks, but I've been meaning to watch The King.

  5. I loved Spider-Man Far From Home! It was such a fun movie and I really loved Tom Holland in the role of Spider-Man! I also can't wait to watch the third movie!

  6. I have not seen any of these film..big surprise:). I have to watch the Spider-Man movies

  7. Far From Home was SO good! I'm glad Marvel and Sony were able to work things out for the next Spidey movie.

    1. Yes yes...I'm so glad they're still going to work together.

  8. The King is the only I've seen and Pattinson was pretty much the only thing I liked about it.

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