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Thursday Movie Picks #273: Halloween Edition - Period Drama Horror

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This week's Thursday Movie Picks is Halloween Edition - Period Drama Horror


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I've always found horror movies with a period setting has that slight edge in terms of scary atmosphere because without electric lights nights are way more scarier and people lives used to be ruled by so much superstition. Anyway some my favourite movies have period settings but they have been picked multiple times before for other themes, so this time I'm simply picking ones I've watched most recently. 
The Witch (2015)
This was a disappointment for me. It is not bad, I just expected to like it more. I don't really find it scary either, just very creepy. I think this makes a good double feature with The Crucible, set in the same period it has a lot of the same themes. 
Crimson Peak (2015) 
I really wanted to love this so much since I love Guillermo del Toro's other period horror movies: Pan's Labyrinth and The Devils Backbone....maybe he just need to do another Spanish language horror movie. Those movies are sad and haunting and lingers...while Crimson Peak was more of a gothic melodrama horror. It was still an ok horror movie...I mean I like the crazy gothic mansion and the dramatic costumes, but the movie is just not as memorable.

Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016)
This is one of those rare times where the sequel is better. The first one is more of a teen horror flick while this one, set about 50 years before, has more of a The Conjuring thing going on with a family plagued by an evil presence. If you like The Haunting of Hill House, this was made by the same people and has some of the same actors.


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  1. We match with Crimson Peak and The Witch, both seem to be popular picks this week. It seems like I liked The Witch more than you though. I ever did see Ouiji

  2. We match with Crimson Peak which might be popular this week. I was expecting so much more but was disappointed. I haven’t seen the other 2

  3. Everybody (including me) seems to have chosen Crimson Peak this week. I had not expected that! And almost all of us agree that it could have been much better.
    I haven't seen Ouija yet, but I really liked The Witch.

    1. Crimson Peak - I didn't expect that either. I only picked it because it was one of my recent watches, otherwise it would probably not end up on my list.

  4. I've heard of all three of yours but haven't seen any. Crimson Peak certainly seems beloved this time out.

    Not being much for horror this was made easier with the period qualifier since I do like that genre.

    The Others (2001)-On the English coast during WWII Grace (Nicole Kidman), a young mother with strong religious beliefs lives mostly in darkness with her two children who suffer from a rare photosensitivity disease hoping to hear word of her husband who is missing in action. A sense of dread permeates the house as the daughter claims to see ghosts and ominous events continue to transpire. I’m not a fan of Kidman but she’s good in this solid creeper.

    Interview with the Vampire (1994)-In a San Francisco mansion 200 year old vampire, Louis de Pointe du Lac (Brad Pitt) tells the story of his transformation at the hands of the seductive Lestat de Lioncourt (Tom Cruise) to reporter Daniel Molloy (Christian Slater). He spins a tale of bloodlust, domination and his attempts to break free only to be further enslaved by Lestat’s conversion of Claudia (Kirsten Dunst) a girl Louis holds dear. Cruise is miscast but not a bad adaptation of the book.

    The Haunted Palace (1963)-In the 1760’s condemned warlock Joseph Curwen (Vincent Price) curses a New England village just before being burned alive. Jump forward a century and the kindly Charles Ward (also Price), Curwen's great-great grandson and his wife Ann (Debra Paget) arrive in town to take up residence in Curwen's old mansion assisted by caretaker Simon Orne (Lon Chaney Jr.). But before long the ancient curse overcomes Charles who is driven to evil deeds. Roger Corman directed pastiche of a Poe poem and H. P. Lovecraft novella is a boilerplate 60’s AIP release with Price chewing the scenery most enjoyably.

    1. I love The Others and Interview with the Vampire. If I went for favourites I'd definitely would have picked them.

  5. Crimson Peak is the popular choice for today. I agree with you about the film. I haven't seen the other 2 but your last one sounds intriguing.


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