Sunday, December 14, 2014

2015 Thursday Movie Picks Schedule

Hello there! If this is the first time you've come to my blog, welcome. If you've been here before you may already know I created and host a weekly series called Thursday Movie Picks. The series had quite a successful run in 2014 and I had such a blast putting it together every week. I'd also like to take this chance to thank everyone who has participated; especially to frequent participants like Wendell, Hitchcock, Brittani, Big Screen Small Worlds and Mike. You've all made my Thursday Movie Picks experience better and introduced/recommended me a great number of movies I hope I'd get a chance to watch.

Now I am very happy to announce that Thursday Movie Picks is continuing in 2015 and excited to reveal the themes.

For the last few days I had such fun working the themes around (I like making the themes as much as I like picking three movies for those themes). It took me quite a while to sieve through themes I have at hand to decide which should be used for 2015 and those to be saved for 2016. Once that was settled it was then a matter of which theme should be fixed for each week. For 2015 I attempted to feature more variety and when appropriate fixed related themes for certain dates or themes relevant to a movie being released at that particular period. 2015 will also feature two special editions. This includes the Halloween Edition of Thursday Movie picks in October and additionally for the last Thursday for the first nine months of 2015 I'm running the All in the Family Edition which features the different relationships within a family.

Well...without further delay, as promised, here is the 2015 Schedule:


January 1 - Bank Robberies
January 8 - Movies that feature an Irreparable Mistake
January 15 - Musicals
January 22 - Movies with Colour in the Title
January 29 - All in the Family Edition: Married Couples Movies (Suggested by Wendell)
February 5 - Romantic Comedies
February 12 - Unrequited Love
February 19 - Oscar Winning Movies (from pool of Winners of Best Picture/Best Animated Film/Best Foreign Film)
February 26 - All in the Family Edition: Father-Son Relationships (Biologically Related)
March 5 - Black and White Movies made since 1970 (Suggested by Wendell)
March 12 - Live Action Fairy Tale Adaptations
March 19 - Movies adapted from a Young Adult Novel
March 26 - All in the Family Edition: Mother-Daughter Relationships (Biologically Related)
April 2 - Teen Comedies
April 9 - Dance Movies (Excluding anything Musical or based on a Musical)
April 16 - Police Movies (Suggested by John Hitchcock)
April 23 - Superhero Movies
April 30 - All in the Family Edition: Father-Daughter Relationships (Biologically Related)
May 7 - Work Place Movies
May 14 - Foreign Language Movies - German
May 21 - Movies based on a Graphic Novel/Comic (Non-Superhero)
May 28 - All in the Family Edition: Mother-Son Relationships (Biologically Related)
June 4 - Kids Movies Adults Would Enjoy (Non-Animated)
June 11 - Movies Set in a High School, Secondary School or the Equivalent.
June 18 - Animated Movies
June 25 - All in the Family Edition: Sibling Relationships (Biologically Related)
July 2 - Adaptations of Classic Literature (No Poems or Plays)
July 9 - Road Trip Movies (Suggested by John Hitchcock)
July 16 - Science Fiction Movies (No Space/Aliens)
July 23 - Sequels
July 30 - All in the Family Edition: Twins
August 6 - Alien Invasion of Earth
August 13 - Movies with Devastating Crushing Endings that Makes You Want to Weep
August 20 - Foreign Language Movies - Asian Language Movies Set in East Asia (Non-Horror)
August 27 - All in the Family Edition: Stepfamilies
September 3 - Teachers
September 10 - Train Movies (Suggested by John Hitchcock)
September 17 - Journalists/Reporters for Print/TV
September 24 - All in the Family Edition: Adopted/Foster Families
October 1 - Halloween Edition: Alfred Hitchcock Movies
October 8 - Halloween Edition: Villainous Children (Suggested by Wendell)
October 15 - Halloween Edition: Asian Horror
October 22 - Halloween Edition: Werewolves
October 29 - Halloween Edition: Ghost Movies (Suggested by John Hitchcock)
November 5 - Secret Agents and Spies
November 12 - Movies about Music/Making Music/Musicians (No Biopics or focus on Real Life Musicians) (suggested by Wendell)
November 19 - Foreign Language Movies - Asian Language Movies Set in South East Asia (Non-Horror)
November 26 - Movies about Royalty
December 3 - Con Artists
December 10 - Movies Set in a Hotel
December 17 - Family Get-Together/Reunions
December 24 - Holiday/Vacation Movies
December 31 - Snowy Winter Movies

* Click the following linked keywords for a rough guide to Young Adult Novels, Classic LiteratureEast Asian Countries and South East Asian Countries which may be helpful for your picks for a few of the themes.

So there they all are, the themes for the whole of 2015. I hope you like them and join me in sharing three picks each Thursday. For new future participants, the rules of Thursday Movie Picks are outlined on the series page here. I will also post this schedule up at the series page for easy reference. If you have any questions or require clarifications regarding any of the 2015 Thursday Movie Picks themes (a few of them have caveats), do comment below.


  1. Oh wow. You've got some good ones on here, and a few challenging ones. I guess I'll have to go find some movies about robbing banks now.

    1. That shouldn't be too hard. There's lots of bank robbery movies.

  2. Great bunch of categories you've got, here. Should be a fun and challenging year of Thursdays.

  3. Fantastic! It's a new year's resolution of mine to take part in more of these themes! :D
    - Allie

    1. Cool, looking forward to seeing more of your picks :)

  4. Ooooh nice list! I'm going to have fun with some of these!

  5. I really want to play along this year. I keep seeing this pop up on other blogs and I finally traced it down to YOU! Added to my blog roll and intending to play along as much as I can.

  6. Question: For bank robbery movies, can I include one about robbing an armored car?

    1. I'm assuming the car is delivering something for the bank? Hmm...I guess you can.

  7. Question...when we post our picks for the week, do we just leave you a comment with a link?

    1. On my own post every Thursday there will be an inlinkz widget attached. With that widget anyone who is participating can submit their link.

  8. Great line up this year. With the recent holiday stress (and undetermined direction for my blog) I missed the first Thursday, but will be back next week. Thanks again for hosting it Wanderer.

    1. No problem and I know what you mean. The end of the year does get a little hectic. I haven't been able to post anything else other than my Thursday picks each week.

  9. This is so cool! I know I'm late to the game, but I'd like to join in!!!!

    1. Thanks. Always happy to have more people join in and you can join whenever you can.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.


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