Thursday, December 25, 2014

Thursday Movie Picks #24: Movies Driven Entirely by People Talking

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

This week is the last Thursday Movie Picks of 2014! How the weeks flew by. It's been a wonderful run. To those that have participated this year I hope you had fun, as I did, sharing your picks each week and hopefully have even been checking out your fellow participants picks as well. And if you are new to all this and are thinking about participating in 2015, the 2015 theme schedule is already up. You can check it out at the series main page here.

Before we start as usual, for new people who may have just wandered here, the rules of this weekly series is simple: Each week there is a topic for you to create a list of three movies. Your picks can either be favourites/best, worst, hidden gems, or if you're up to it one of each.


This week's Thursday Movie Picks is Movies Driven Entirely by People Talking


Since we had a movies adapted from a play them recently (most based on play movies are very dialogue heavy) I decided to avoid them there goes Closer which would have been a perfect choice this week as well. I like dialogue heavy movies so naturally I watch quite a lot of them so even without movies based on a play I am pretty spoilt for choice. And so these are three that I've settled on.

My favourite of the Before trilogy. I love the long conversation they have (we did wait 9 years for it!) and just how seamlessly it flows from one topic to the next. If you haven't seen this trilogy what are you waiting for?

In the Loop (2009)
In In the Loop, a British minister makes a remark about war sending reporters in a frenzy and sets off maneuverings by war and anti war factions in the governments of both the UK and US. This movie is just completely foul mouthed but insanely hilarious. And if you love Dr Who...the current Dr reprises his TV (The Thick of It) role and spews out profanity filled lines in this one.

Network (1976)

Just watch this a few weeks ago. I think it's commentary on news, TV and the media in general is possibly more relevant today than the period it was set...which is just amazing. Having watch Michael Clayton before this, the rantings of Peter Finch's character in Network reminds me so much of Tom Wilkinson's character's breakdown rant.


So that's three picks. What three movies made your list today?


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  1. Great choices! I haven't seen Network, but loved Before Sunset and In the Loop! There's something similar to it in French; it's called The French Minister (2013), and you might want to give it a go (it's still in my to-watch list though!)

    1. I've never heard of it before. I do know there's another older British series called Yes Minister/Prime Minister (which I haven't watch too) that's I've been told is also similar.

  2. In the Loop and Network are both phenomenal. Great picks. Believe it or not I've not seen any of the Before movies. One of these days, I'll get to them.

  3. In the Loop has been on my radar since it was first released. I really need to see it. Network is an interesting and brilliant choice. I love that movie!! And Before Sunset is just beautifully written. Great picks!


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