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2022 Thursday Movie Picks Schedule (Final)

Just a few things before you scroll down to the final schedule. If you haven't read my 2022 Thursday Movie Picks Schedule (Preliminary) post last week, please click the linked post and read it as I had also written about some of the rules of TMP, in particular the linkup requirements, that some people have ignored MULTIPLE times over MULTIPLE Thursdays over MONTHS and MONTHS. Details are in that post so please read it. I do not want such things to happen again in this new year. 
Hi everyone! Thanks to everyone who submitted a theme suggestion. Can you believe that it is the ninth year?
Here is the updated final schedule which I will also post on the Thursday Movie Picks page for your easy reference. 
Any questions or clarification needed please leave a comment.



2022 Thursday Movie Picks Schedule (Final)

January 6 -  2021 Releases
January 13 - Movies Set in Hospitals [Suggested by Birgit]
January 20 - Time Loops (e.g. Groundhog Day)
January 27 - TMP Television Edition: 2021 Freshmen Series
February 3 - Romance Tropes Edition: Enemies to Lovers
February 10 - Romance Tropes Edition: Famous Person and Non-Famous Person Romance
February 17 - Romance Tropes Edition: Second Chance Love
February 24 - Romance Tropes / TMP Television Edition: Workplace Romance
March 3 - A Dig (Archeology/Paleontology)
March 10 - Falsely Accused [Suggested by Getter]
March 17 - Movies with a Body Part in the Title [Suggested by Brittani]
March 24 - Gaslighting
March 31 - TMP Television Edition: Family Comedies
April 7 - Diary/Journal or Psychics and Mediums *please refer here for reason
April 14 -  Diary/Journal or Psychics and Mediums *please refer here for reason
April 21 - Environmental Wrongs/ Disasters (not a natural disaster, so something like Chernobyl)
April 28 - TMP Television Edition: Royalty
May 5 - Cinephiles in Movies
May 12 - Actors who are Real Life Family Playing Same Family Role in Movies
May 19 - Mazes
May 26 - TMP Television Edition: Home and Lifestyle Shows
June 2 - Failure to Launch (Movies that were supposed to launch a franchise)
June 9 - Fantasy
June 16 - Shopping Mall
June 23 - Island Movies
June 30 - TMP Television Edition: Origin Story
July 7 - Fairs
July 14 - Non-English Language Movies
July 21 -  Female Boss [Suggested by Getter]
July 28 - TMP Television Edition: Book Adaptations
August 4 - Math in Movies
August 11 - Ageing Leading Actors Cast as Much Younger Men Playing Alongside Much Younger Actresses
August 18 - Dark Academia
August 25 - TMP Television Edition: Boarding School
September 1 - Mystery Edition: Capers
September 8 - Mystery Edition: Historical Mysteries
September 15 - Mystery Edition: Media or Technology Mysteries
September 22 - Mystery Edition: Female Investigators (Private or Police)
September 29 - Mystery/TMP Television Edition: Cold Cases
October 6 - Halloween Edition: Horror Movie Themes/Scores
October 13 - Halloween Edition: The Final Girl
October 20 - Halloween Edition: New Home
October 27 - Halloween/ TMP Television Edition: Horror TV Themes/Scores
November 3 - Movies in which the Actors Didn’t Like Each Other [Suggested by Birgit]
November 10 - Female Revenge Movies
November 17 - Book Adaptations
November 24 - TMP Television Edition: Non-English
December 1 - Combat Sports
December 8 - Retro Chic (Movies set in the present day but has a retro look)
December 15 - Movies with Flowers/Plants in the Title [Suggested by Brittani]  
December 22 - Winter Sports
December 29 -TMP Television Edition: Amnesiacs

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  1. Great and thanks for picking 2 of mine! I just thought of 2 more that you can keep for next year....films that take place on the sea and movies that take place in the mountains


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