Thursday, December 31, 2020

Thursday Movie Picks #338: TMP Television Edition - Space / Aliens

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This week's Thursday Movie Picks is TMP Television Edition -  Space / Aliens


Well this is a tough theme. I just realised I don't really watch that many sci-fi series and much less those that takes place in space or have aliens. The only recent one is The Expense. So my picks today are Alien TV series I saw as a kid.

Roswell (1999–2002)
The series follow three alien teens as they navigate life and high school. They lead very human lives hiding their alien powers well until one of them saves a classmate. This was one of my favourite teen shows growing up. I'm quite surprised I have yet to talk about it on this blog because I was like really into this series back then and would check out the fan websites for all the latest news. The series was so much fun and the two main leads had such great electric chemistry. I know the series got a reboot/re-imagining recently with the characters aged up to being adults; I hope it eventually gets added to Netflix so I can watch it.

The Outer Limits  (1995 - 2002)
This is a sci-fi horror anthology series which I saw mostly the first few seasons. I don't actually remember any of the episodes except for one. It was the very first episode of season one that was about these insects taken from soil samples from Mars, I remember it really scaring me. Apparently that episode was an adaptation from George R.R. Martin's short novel.
The X-Files (1993 - 2018)
This is another series that I'm surprised I've never talked about on this blog since it formed a large part part of my childhood TV experience. However, like The Outer Limits, I really don't remember any of the episodes since it was so long ago and I only saw the seasons that were from the 90s. I was probably too young to have seen the series then and some of the episodes were scary; I would cover my eyes...still I would stay tuned for the next episode.

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  1. Great picks! I used to watch Roswell when it aired. I steered clear of The X Files - the opening track alone used to make me scared!

  2. We match on The X-Files! I've heard of your other picks but I never watched them. Happy New Year, and thanks for another great year of TMP!

  3. I've seen a random episode of all three of these-I watch far more of the original Outer Limits than this redo but even then I wasn't a regular viewer-but I'm not much for sci-fi on a weekly basis.

    Which leads me to say this was a rather tough week for me as well and I had to reach back to when I was a kid for my first two. I did really like my third choice but it only ran a year.

    The Jetsons (1962-1963)-Meet George Jetson…his boy Elroy…daughter Judy….Jane, his wife….they’re the modern space age fam-i-ly. Fun animated series is a sort of futuristic spin on The Flintstones.

    Lost in Space (1965-1968)-The five members of the Robinson family-Professor John Robinson (Guy Williams), wife Maureen (June Lockhart), and their three children: Judy (Marta Kristen); Penny (Angela Cartwright); and Will (Billy Mumy) set off on a mission to an Earth-like planet in another galaxy accompanied by U.S. Space Corps Major Donald West (Mark Goddard) as co-pilot. Once cryogenically frozen the controls of the ship are sabotaged by foreign agent Dr. Zachary Smith (Jonathan Harris) who becomes trapped on the ship and the next thing you know they are all “Lost in Space”!

    Life on Mars (2008)-New York City police detective Sam Tyler (Jason O'Mara) is struck by a car in 2008 and regains consciousness in 1973. As he struggles to adapt to his new circumstances without tipping his hand he butts heads with Gene Hunt (Harvey Keitel) his chief of detectives and a determined policewoman Annie Norris (Gretchen Mol) who is fighting the inherent sexism of the era. As time passes Sam begins to suspect that not only may he be in another time but another dimension as well.

    1. I love the Jetsons. Used to watch all the time after school on a channel that used to air the Hanna-Barbera classics. I never actually knew it only ran for a short time...I must have been watching and rewatching the sames episodes.

  4. I did not see your first pick but I watched a couple of episodes of the remake of the Outer Limits. I watched more of the original. Love that last one and watched that tv show religiously


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