Sunday, December 15, 2019

2020 Thursday Movie Picks Schedule (Preliminary)

Hi everyone! The upcoming 2020 run of Thursday Movie Picks will be the seventh year I'm doing the series. With each year, it has been harder and harder coming up with new themes, which is why I have some fixed themes (like adaptations) and usually have a little help from you guys too for some suggestions. Still, I would have to come up with nearly 40 new themes each year and each time I surprise myself with how I'm able to produce something by the end of the year. Here's a peek at the inspiration for some of the themes:

  • This year quite a number of the themes were inspired from book genres and sub genres.
  • About a quarter of the books I read the past year are romantic comedies and they often talk about meet cutes and dating apps which inspired the Meet Cute and Love in the Tech Age theme.
  • I just started watching Blood & Treasure which is about characters traveling the world to locate stolen artifacts and I thought Globetrotting would be a great movie theme.
  • Half of the books I read are thrillers and a significant portion of them are of the currently very trendy sub genre Domestic Thrillers which I thought would make a good TMP theme.
  • Themes for the Halloween edition have always been tough to come up with especially since 2019 and now 2020 too has 5 Thursdays. Then I recently saw an episode on the History Channel about the real Amityville house which inspired both the Horror Movie Houses and Based on a True Story theme filling up almost half of the Halloween slots.

Now back to the schedule, as with past years I have a few dates open for suggestions. There are EIGHT spots open (I've highlighted the dates, but please note I may rearrange the order of all the themes on the final schedule). If you're interested in submitting themes here are the submission criteria:
a) must have participated in a few TMPs and have commented on previous posts.
b) submit three (no more as I'll probably have a hard time choosing) suggestions by posting a comment on this post. Only on this post.


2020 Thursday Movie Picks Schedule

January 2 - Escape
January 9 -
January 16 - 2019 Releases
January 23 -
January 30 - TMP Television Edition: 2019 Freshmen Series
February 6 - Seven Deadly Sins Edition: Lust
February 13 - Meet Cute
February 20 - Love in the Tech Age
February 27 - TMP Television Edition: Romance
March 5 - Seven Deadly Sins Edition: Gluttony
March 12 - Spoofs / Satires / Mockumentaries
March 19 - Bad Boys
March 26 - TMP Television Edition: Docu Series
April 2 - Seven Deadly Sins Edition: Greed
April 9 -
April 16 -
April 23 -
April 30 - TMP Television Edition: Game Shows
May 7 - Seven Deadly Sins Edition: Envy
May 14 - Girls' Trip
May 21 - Numbers in Title (Not part of a franchise)
May 28 - TMP Television Edition: Competitive Reality Shows
June 4 - Seven Deadly Sins Edition: Sloth
June 11 - Prequels
June 18 - Period Dramas
June 25 - TMP Television Edition: Book to TV Adaptations
July 2 - Seven Deadly Sins Edition: Wrath
July 9 - Globetrotting Movies
July 16 - Male Buddy Movies
July 23 -  Secret Doorways / Worlds
July 30 - TMP Television Edition: TV Series Based on Movies
August 6 - Seven Deadly Sins Edition: Pride
August 13 - School
August 20 - Female Buddy Movies
August 27 - TMP Television Edition: Prequels
September 3 - Domestic Thrillers
September 10 - Non-English Language Movies
September 17 - The Band
September 24 - TMP Television Edition:
October 1 - Halloween Edition: Horror Movie Houses
October 8 - Halloween Edition: Based on a True Story
October 15 - Halloween Edition: Snow / Winter Horror
October 22 - Halloween Edition: Holiday Horror
October 29 - Halloween/Television Edition: Horror
November 5 - Bookish Movies
November 12 -
November 19 - Movies about Villains
November 27 - TMP Television Edition: Non-English
December 3 - Adaptations
December 10 - Movies for Seniors / The Elderly
December 17 -
December 24 - Holiday Action Movies
December 31 -TMP Television Edition: Space / Aliens


  1. Rock Docs.
    Great Final Films for Director or Actor

  2. I'm amazed you manage to come up with new themes for us year after year! Looking forward to taking part again :)

  3. Maybe Favorite Films By The Same Director?

  4. I'm always in awe of how you keep coming up with so many different themes. Looking forward to doing this again!

    For suggestions - maybe one of these?
    Films Directed by a Woman
    Your Favorite Cinematography
    Unforgettable Film Scores?

  5. Movies about animals. "Sisters". Favourite actors/actress in bad movies. "I'm Dying" Movies, your favourite comedian movies. I hope i gave a few. Now i have the song"Sisters" in my head from White Christmas. I always love your themes

  6. I have a couple of more suggestions. Method Acting Gone Wrong. Movies/Performances that Ended Careers.

  7. Yay, 7 is my favourite number and even though it's not my seventh year it feels somehow special to go on this ride with you again. :)

    I love the seven deadly sins theme!! Such Se7en vibes, I like!

    My theme recommendations: "Altercation" (aka verbal fights inspired by Marriage Story), TV Edition: "journalism", and... uhm..inspired by Brittani I'll put out a theme for music as well but as "distracting soundtracks".


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