Thursday, October 11, 2018

Thursday Movie Picks #222: Halloween Edition - The Dark/Night

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This week's Thursday Movie Picks is Halloween Edition - The Dark/Night


Hey it's October again and it's time for the Halloween Edition. Take a look at what's in store for the rest of the month.

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October 11 - Halloween Edition: The Dark/Night
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I'm picking movies that I recently watched that had key dark/nighttime scenes.
The Others (2001)
Near the end of World War 2, a woman and her two children who are sensitive to light start to believe their isolated mansion is haunted. I re-watch this again recently, still love it and it is perfect for this theme. Memorable scene is the one with the old lady in the veil in a darkened room

The Blackcoat's Daughter a.k.a February (2015)
When their parents fail to pick them up for winter break, two school girls remain alone at their boarding school with the only staff around being two nuns living in a small house a little off the main buildings. This one was real creepy and it starts on the first night when the senior girl hears strange noises coming from downstairs.

The Visit (2015)
Two children visit their grandparents whom they have not met before as their mother is estranged from her parents. The grandparents are just weird weird weird, but it gets weirder at night and the children are basically told to stay in their rooms past a certain time.

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  1. I've only seen The Others which I think is the only Nicole Kidman film I've ever thought she was truly very good in. An unsettling and very well made film.

    The other two don't really sound up my alley but read as decent films for others who like horror more than I.

    Not being a horror fan I went a slightly different route and chose three that are all set during nighttime hours but without the spooks.

    Night on Earth (1991)-Quintet of narrative tales set in cities around the world as a taxi driver in each city picks up a fare at the exact same moment and we share their lives and stories during the rides. A fable directed by Jim Jarmusch populated with quite a cast including Winona Ryder, Gena Rowlands, Rosie Perez and Armin Mueller-Stahl.

    The Night Before (1988)-Nerdy high school senior Winston Connelly (Keanu Reeves) regains consciousness late at night in an alley dressed in a tux. Problem is he has no idea how he ended up there, where exactly in L.A. he is nor where his car, wallet or more importantly his date (Lori Loughlin) are either! As he stumbles around he recalls getting sidetracked on the way to the prom and that now Tito the pimp is trying to kill him. It sounds like a drama but is played for comedy, goofy but harmless.

    After Hours (1985)-Oddity of poor snook Paul Hackett (Griffin Dunne), a button down computer processor who through a series of crossed wires and misunderstanding spends one surreal night in downtown Manhattan in a seemingly futile attempt to get back uptown. Dunne is perfect in the lead surrounded by a bunch of zany characters enacted by among others Teri Garr, Rosanna Arquette, Linda Fiorentino, Catherine O’Hara and Cheech & Chong. Nominated for the Palm d’Or with Martin Scorsese winning the Cannes director prize.

  2. Strangely, I still haven't seen The Others. I know people rave about it, but for some reason, I just haven't pulled the trigger on it yet. The only one I have seen is The Visit. I think it's very underrated and started this whole M. Night comeback thingy we seem to be witnessing.

    1. You haven't seen The Others? I hope you have not been spoiled at least.

  3. The Others is great. I've had The Blackcoat's Daughter in my netflix queue forever but I keep bumping other things past it.

    1. The Blackcoat's Daughter - I wouldn't say it is a must watch, but it is interesting and very creepy.

  4. I haven't seen any of these but I've been meaning to watch The Others, even though a song spoiled me the twist.

  5. I love the Others...very eerie and the kids were excellent. I haven’t seen the 2nd film but anything involving nuns means it will be creepy. I hated The Visit. We saw this in the theatre and it was quite predictable and I hated the camera movement. That type of filming is a turn off for me

  6. I agree, the kids in The Others were so good.


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