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Weekly Recap #15: The Infinite Sea, Lullabies, The Flash, TMNT ...

I haven't been doing this for a while partly because I just wasn't able to squeeze writing a post and partly because some the TV shows I was following went on mid season break and so there wasn't  much to recap on the TV side. That said the mid season break has certainly threw me off the TV watching momentum and I haven't got back on to watching even though some of the series have comeback from their break. I guess now I have to wait for them to either air marathons or wait for the DVDs which probably means September or October.


The Infinite Sea
This is the second book of the Fifth Wave series by Rick Yancey. If you haven't heard of this series before you will very soon since its been made into a movie with Chloe Moretz as the lead to be released in 2016. I read the first book, the Fifth Wave, a year and a half ago and I have to say getting back into the world in The Infinite Sea was difficult because I remember very little of what happened in the first book. Usually I rely on a website called The Recaptains where a group of bloggers recap books from YA series to help readers get into the next book in a series but unfortunately this time it didn't help at all. Basically I was totally lost and it affected my enjoyment of the Infinite Sea. I think in part it was also because in the first book I was more invested in what happened to the main characters and in the second book the secondary characters have a greater role in the story and I just can't remember who they were. Do you ever get that? Read a book and come across characters that you remember nothing about?

Sometime in 2013 I began seeing Love & Misadventure Lang Leav's first book of poetry on Tumblr. Now I don't really read poetry beyond the epigraphs in books or poems that are referenced in books/movies/TV but the cover of Love & Misadventure, which was very pretty, attracted me to it. I was initially surprised by how short and simple the poetry was but there was a touch of whimsy to them and I actually like a couple plus I suppose it is its simpleness that makes it accessible to non poetry readers like me. Anyway Lullabies came out last year so naturally I decided to check it out and I have a much different reaction to this. I used to think the poet's poetry was short and cute, now with this second book I'm of the opinion that it's simplistic, too childlike and cliche. So my question again is, is this poetry? Because they sound more and more like little love notes between lovers and quotes found in greeting cards. But what really made me want to chuck this book halfway through it was that it's full of romantic love poems: finding love, being in love and heartbreak. What about regret, failure, guilt, shame, fear, contentment, anger...I'm sure these emotions would have made great themes for poetry too? I mean I get it, the poet's probably in love or out of love or whatever but with a title like Lullabies I expected it to have moved away from the themes of love which was already well explore in Love & Misadventure. I probably won't recommend Lullabies but I am now terribly curious what people who actually read poetry would think of it.



The Flash
I've only watched a few episodes so I am totally not up to date with the series at all but I am loving it thus far. I used to watch the 90's series but I remember nothing of it, so the story is like new to me. I was a little worried that the series wasn't going to hold me being too episodic with a meta human of the week to torment Barry, but so far they have done a good job of weaving the normal everyday drama and the continuing mystery of who murdered Barry's mother into the narrative so there is definitely something to look forward to the next week. Now I like Arrow (the series the Flash spins off from) but Oliver is very reserved, distant and guarded so much so it's very hard to see any emotion from him. In contrast, Barry wears his heart on his sleeve; we get to see the full extent of his emotions (like his excitement over the cool stuff he can do with his new powers which is very cute) and that just make him a much more human, likeable and endearing character. He and all his friends are a lot more fun to watch. And I love that Barry's rival in the romance department is such a nice guy. Barry just can't hate him and neither can we. I know there's a The Flash movie coming in 2018(?) and it's interesting that they have another actor, Ezra Miller, in the title role. I mean I know this has been done before with Superman Returns/Smallville but Grant Gustin who plays Barry in this series is just so good as Barry. And if the movie is another origin story that begins at the same point...I really don't see the point of the movie version within 3 years of the TV series.

American Idol
The new season has just started. They started off the show a little differently this time around by letting us hear, but not see, the finalists singing...I guest it's meant to give the audience a taste of the talent we can look forward too. I also noticed they've been showing fewer of the wacky attention-seeking auditions, good move because I can't stand them. Next week is the hollywood week which is always intense for the contestants and fun for us to watch.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)
I used to be watch this series a lot as a kid and I enjoyed recognizing characters, looking for their quirks and hearing out their catchphrases. But beyond the nostalgia, this movie did not hold my attention. The thing is I'm not fond of action movies, so I didn't care for the action here where I suppose was where much of the budget went too. The characters: I know the turtles were different sizes, they wore different eyebands, had different weapons, one was flirty, another was a techie, but seriously I couldn't match which characteristics to which turtle, which I think I could when I saw the cartoons. Here they seem like just a blur of turtles. And I have to say, seeing a live action TMNT movie is just weird. The turtles were weird. They're like turtles on steroids. I mean they were suppose to be Ninjas! Does the word "Ninja" conjure up images of muscled characters? No right! And I don't remember the cartoon turtles to be muscled so I don't get that desicion. Then there was Megan Fox as April. I get why she was casted but Megan Fox is not April! She's just too sexy and not enough ambitious journalist so it just didn't work from the start. If you like the cartoons, I'd say just stick to the cartoons.

Crush (2013)
There's so many of these crazy obsessive crush movies and though this isn't a great movie I do think it offers at least something interesting: it actually presents three simultaneous crush/stalker relationships highlighting that the line between harmless crush and plain crazy stalking is just so fine. The movie also plays up on the mystery of the secret admirer who's the real crazy one out of the three and yet there's something that gives away the identity before the movie even begins so I'm confused whether are we suppose to know? Or are we suppose to not know which means someone really screwed up and gave the identity away unintentionally?

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