Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday #4: Ten Book Related Problems I Have

Top Ten Tuesday is a bookish weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish where bloggers share a list based on a weekly theme.


I haven't been doing any bookish posts lately so I thought I'd do this week Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Related Problems. I only manage to come up with only eight problems which is good I suppose.

Choosing What to Read
That is the primary problem isn't it? There are only so many hours in a day and so many that I want to read.

Books or Audiobooks
I'm really enjoy listening to audiobooks especially since I can do other things while listening. This brings about another problem: which book should I read and which should I listen because I still enjoy just reading a book the traditional way.

Book Amnesia
I guess it's natural to forget plots of books the more you read but it sucks when you're reading a series and can't remember what happens in the previous book which I recently encountered when I read The Infinite Sea (I couldn't remember who the secondary characters were).

Read It or Watch It First?
As a fan of both books and movies I am continually torn on this. Either way I lose the experience of going into one of them not knowing anything.

Mixing It All Up
I like watching adaptations and for some books I have watch a few different adaptations that it has. I have found that when I have watched the adaptations, eventually the stories have kind of get mixed up and overlap where I can no longer remember what was actually in the book and what was just stuff that the adaptations changed and added in.

Borrowing More Than I Can Read
When the books I want to read become available I can't help myself from borrowing it even though I already have like a stack of library books at home still unread.

Not Reading the Books I Own
The last time I read a book from my own bookshelf was probably more than a year ago. They are so neglected.

Rotting Books
Here in the tropics humidity is high, accelerating decomposition...basically my books are rotting...ok I'm exaggerating. But they are yellowing terribly fast and of course the mass market paperback fare the worst. The pages of the books that I bought some ten years ago now look ancient.


  1. I have never tried to listen to an audio book. Just the thought of it sounds terribly boring and inviting me to miss lots of things from zoning out while some voice drones on page after page. Maybe when my eyes completely fail me, I'll give it a try.

    I don't think I've ever read a book after seeing the movie. If I'm going to read it, id rather put in the days it's going to take me to get through it being cold going in so I won't feel like I'm wasting time. I'm okay with losing just 2 or 3 hrs on the movie, though.

    We have a lot of the same issues, otherwise. I over borrow, don't read the books I own often enough. And choosing can be a pain. Great post.

    1. Audiobooks didn't work on me the first time. I think I only got used to listening after the second or third book. I think it also has to with the narrators, who must be able to draw the listener into the story.
      I have read a book after watching the movie. Sometimes because I think the book has a lot more story to tell that eventually had to be left out in the movie. Sometimes I watch the movie first because the movie has the visual and sounds effects that builds the atmosphere and plays up the element of surprise, and I don't want to miss out on that by reading the book.

  2. I'm not a huge fan of audio books, but I can relate to neglecting books on my own shelf. I've been using the library mostly.

    I always try to read a book before watching the movie, but I'm starting to think I should really be doing that the other way around. lol.

    1. I know what you mean with book before movie first. I think with suspenseful stories, it's probably best to watch the movie first so that I can enjoy the surprise with all the stuff the movie puts on to build the suspense...effects,music etc.

  3. I always have to read the book before I see the movie. I don't mind knowing what's going to happen in a movie but I just hate having the book spoiled. I always like to imagine my books too, seeing the movie first takes that experience away from me. fun list today. Kelley at the road goes ever ever on

    1. Hmm what I've found with some adaptations is that they change the story drastically, taking only the gist and tone of it but a lot of the story lines diverges from the book. Now this is usually a big no no for book readers, but sometimes I do like that. Because in cases when I do read the book after the movie, the book can still surprise me.

  4. Book amnesia seems to be aproblem for many focus who read a lot. That's why I love goodreads.

    1. Well goodread helps me keep track of the books I read and they have a short synopsis of all the books on their site, but they don't have a full summary on what happens in a book so it doesn't help with book amnesia.

  5. I'm a mood reader like most but I try to alternate fiction and non-fiction, unless I come across something that makes me push everything else aside but that's rare.

    I rely on Goodreads so much now to keep track of what I want to read and I bless it because before I found it I had titles scribbled down of post it notes everywhere but never where I could find them when I needed a new book! One nice thing about it and something that could help with your first issue is that you can create separate "shelves". I have one for what I want to read next with about fifteen titles. Sometimes I change them out but it keeps the ones I find the most intriguing front and center so I don't have to shift through the 300 plus titles I have marked that I want to eventually read.

    I love audiobooks but at least for me while content is important a more primary concern is the narrator. If they don't read and speak well it could be my favorite book and I can't make it through. Campbell Scott, Jim Dale, John Lee and Blair Brown are some of the best most expressive narrators.

    I prefer to read the book first but if it ends up being the reverse I try and go into it telling myself there will be differences and as long as they aren't too extreme it does ruin the book for me.

    I have so many books that I've read and loved but don't re-read. There are a few exceptions but by and large I only read a book once so the books sit and collect dust. But if I loved the book I have trouble getting rid of it. I worked in a bookstore for many years so during that time it was especially brutal. But now that I no longer do I've tried to combat that by no longer buying, just relying on the library. So far it's worked pretty well and I've buckled down enough to rid myself of the piles of books on the floor but my bookcases are still full!

    1. I use to goodreads a lot as well. I have a to-be-read shelf but I haven't thought about segmenting it...I think I might try that.

      I definitely agree about narrators making or breaking an audiobook. I haven't really been keeping track of the people narrating the audiobooks I've enjoyed, but I've certainly encountered one or two narration which I did not like.

      I rely on the library a lot too and the last few books I've bought are ebooks. As much as I love physical books, they just rot so fast, I don't think it's worth buying them unless they are very cheap.

  6. For me, most of the time I want to read the book first before seeing the movie!! Here's a link to my TTT for the week: http://captivatedreader.blogspot.com/2015/02/top-ten-tuesday-ten-book-related.html

  7. If I know the movie has a book adaptation, I tend to watch the movie first (and somewhat forget about the book until later), but when I read a book and find out there's an adaptation, I just have to watch it immediately. I'm familiar with your 'rotting books' woes - I try not to store mine near windows, and allow the shelf to have breathing space and move the books around once in a while.

  8. I ALWAYS check out more books than I have the time to read them. It's a real problem that I need to fix. At least I'm admitting it. I also feel conflicted between the book and the movie/tv show. Sometimes the movie is no where near as good as the book, and that is a huge disappointment.


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