Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 Movies I'm Anticipating

A new year gives all of us excuses to make lists. Everyone is making them, so I’m making one too; a list of 2015 movies I’m anticipating. I know some of the movies may have been already released in 2014, but where I’m from it has not been released yet. 

A little intro on my list; I don’t usually watch trailers so my interest on a particular flick  is usually based on the plot summary, the people involved, the promo stills and the general buzz surrounding it. You might not see some of the bigger blockbusters on my list because even though I will most likely watch them, they’re not the ones I’m intrigued by and am anticipating. I’m also pretty sure I’m missing out some other good ones that I should keep a look out for so feel free to make a suggestion.

(in alphabetical order)

Cinderella - I did not like Maleficent, so I'm hoping I'd like this one better.
Crimson Peak - There's not much detail in the plot summary on IMDB. It looks like a gothic period movie. It's directed and co-written by Guillermo del Toro, so I'm in.
The Dressmaker - I just saw the first image of the movie and Kate Winslet looks gorgeous in her period costume. Since the movie is about a dressmaker, I expect to be wowed by the costumes.
Equals - The plot summary on IMDB is so brief and it kinda sounds like a YA novel plot.
Experimenter - Ever heard of the Milgram experiments? It's both fascinating and scary.
Far from the Madding Crowd - Love watching period dramas and adaptations. I have already seen the Julie Christie one so naturally I am looking forward this new adaptation.

Gemma Bovary - An adaptation of Madame Bovary set in present day.
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 - It's the Hunger Games so of course I'll see it.
In the Heart of the Sea - I'd love a good ship at sea movie.
Insurgent - Divergent was a pretty good movie. Insurgent (the book) was boring so I'm curious how the movie will play the story out. By the looks of the posters, it seems like they are playing up on the action more even though at least from what I remember of the book it is the least actiony of the trilogy.
Into the Forest - I like apocalyptic tales so this one has me interested. It's also based on a book I've been meaning to read but haven't had a chance to. I'll probably end up watching the movie first.
Jem and the Holograms - I grew up watching the cartoons

Jupiter Ascending - This is one of the few movies on this list that I've actually checked out the trailer. It looks like it could be really cool or just incredibly bad especially since its release date has been pushed back quite a few times I think.
The Keeping Room - Sounds a little like Cold Mountain in that it has some strong women surviving during the Civil War. Also stars Brit Marling and I've pretty much liked everything I've seen her in.
Kingsman: The Secret Service - So I'm only going by the plot summary and some of the promo pics I've seen of this; I think this could be a fun watch plus I've enjoyed all of other movies Matthew Vaughn directed.
The Light Between Oceans - Not a big fan of the book but it has an emotional story with a huge moral dilemma at the centre...and I'd love to see Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander potray the two main characters.
London Fields - The plot sounds soo interesting. Should I be reading the book first?
Macbeth - I think  may have read a tiny part of the play but I remember nothing other than something about witches...I'm terrible.

Madame Bovary - The only Madame Bovary I've seen was the 2000 TV movie, so yeah I'm looking forward to this one. Mia Wasikowska also plays the title role; she was great in another classic adaptation, Jane Eyre.
Paper Towns - This is the second adapation of John Green's books. The first was The Fault in Our Stars, a movie I quite like. I haven't read Paper Towns but will hopefully do so before seeing this.
Pitch Perfect 2 - The first movie was so fun!!!
Predestination - Time Travel? Im in!
Project Almnac - I don't like the title at all. Anyway it's a teen movie that has time travel and it sounds pretty cool.
Sing Street - It's written and directed by the same guy that made Once. I still haven't watch Begin Again, but I love love Once. 

The Stanford Prison Experiment - Another pyschological experiment movie. It has been made into a movie twice quite recently (2001 and 2010), both of which I have yet to see. This new one does star a number upcoming actors so I'm looking forward to it.
Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens - It's Star Wars! I grew up with the prequels and it's just so amazing that we're getting a new trilogy.
Stockholm, Pennsylvania - I like Martha Marcy May Marlene and I'm getting a sense this is going to be somewhat similar.
Tomorrowland - I saw a teaser for this. It looks cool...looks like good old movie magic.
Tulip Fever - The last time I visited 17th century Netherlands was in Girl with a Pearl Earring and this (also based on a book) could be another visually stunning movie coincidentally also about an artist and a woman he is painting.
Victor Frankenstein - I've never seen a Frankenstein movie before and this has James McAvoy as the Dr and Daniel Radcliffe as Igor. I wonder who plays the monster?
While We’re Young - Just sounds like it could be good.



  1. Great list! I'm excited for both Michael Fassbender movies, and While We're Young. I'm semi-excited for Paper Towns, though I'm no fan of the girl playing the lead (though she seems to fit the bill).

    1. Oh yeah it's the model, I've only seen her in Anna Karenina which was a very small role. I don't really have an opinion on the casting since I know little of the plot/characters.

  2. I have a lot of these on my list too. 2015 seems like it's going to be a great year for movies.

  3. OMG! Carney is making another movie already? Sing Street!?!?! I'm in! I just wrote a piece on my love of both Once and Begin Again.

  4. Far from the Madding Crowd is the one I'm the most curious about. While the novel was torturous I love the Julie Christie/Alan Bates version. Most of the casting seems solid although I'm having trouble seeing Sturridge in the Terence Stamp role of Sgt. Troy. The previews are visually beautiful so that's promising.

    The other intriguing title is Kate Winslet's The Dressmaker.

    1. I haven't read the book. Classics have always been tough for me, which I guess is why I like watching their adaptations. I actually do not like the Julie Christie version and I don't think I really got the story from that adaptation so I'm kinda looking forward to this new one.

  5. This has lots of films I've not seen on other anticipatory posts for the coming year. Great to see that. A number of these titles I had no clue were coming. Looks like another great year for movies. Btw, any excuse to make a list is a good one.

    1. Yeah...the list is pretty much a reflection of the kind of movies that I generally drift towards.


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