Thursday, June 29, 2023

Thursday Movie Picks #456: TMP Television Edition - Revenge

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This week's Thursday Movie Picks is TMP Television Edition - Revenge

Well this turned out to be more challenging than I thought. Revenge movies are so much easier to pick as there are many in the genre, but TV series there are fewer of them. I guess it is so much harder to sustain a revenge plot over multiple episodes or worse…seasons I suppose. Anyway here are some that I’ve seen and like.

McMafia (2018)
An English-raised son of Russian mafia exiles, now living the ordinary life, is drawn into the criminal underworld when his uncle's act of revenge against a rival mafia, to secure their family's return to Russia, backfires. I enjoyed this series which is actually based on a non-fiction book about global organised crime, where the tv series weaves a fictional story around a fictional crime family, showing how such organised crime works on a global scale. 

The Punisher (2017-2019)
It’s in the title…a man out to punish those that murdered his family becomes a vigilante. Not my most favourite of the Marvel-Netflix series but still quite a good watch. 

Bad Sisters (2022-)
This is a fun darkly humorous mystery thriller about four sisters attempting to kill their brother-in-law for all the terrible things he has done to them.


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  1. Bad Sisters sounds great, I definitely need to watch that one!


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