Thursday, July 16, 2020

Thursday Movie Picks #314: Male Buddy Movies

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This week's Thursday Movie Picks is Male Buddy Movies


This is quite an easy week. There's plenty to choose from. Here are 3 of my favourites:

Lethal Weapon (1987),  Lethal Weapon 2 (1989) &  Lethal Weapon 3 (1992)
I started watching Lethal Weapon some months ago and have seen up to the third one. I really enjoyed them. They're fun action packed movies with two leads that have great chemistry.

21 Jump Street (2012)
They took the basic TV premise and turn it into a comedy which I very much enjoyed. It was really fun that the main characters were ex classmates, now cops, who sort of get to relive high school again when they go in together as undercovers, except now their place in the social hierarchy has flipped.

The Nice Guys (2016)
Most buddy movies are about characters who are friends or work partners, this one is not. They're two private eyes whose cases overlap and so they reluctantly work together which results in good banter between the two of them.


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  1. The Lethal Weapon movies are a challenge to watch now knowing what a completely rotten person Mel Gibson is but back in the day they were fun, fast-paced and the two leads really did have a great vibe between them.

    I put off 21 Jump Street for a long time since most films inspired by TV shows are terrible but it turned out to be goofy and amusing. The sequel was a letdown though.

    I liked The Nice Guys but didn't love it as much as so many seem to.

    I decided to expand on the theme by choosing three buddy teams and one film considered one of their best for each.

    Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy-Brought together by the happenstance of both being employed at the Hal Roach studios they discovered they were a perfect fit. Starting in 1921 until their retirement from films in 1951 they appeared in 106 films, shorts and special subjects.

    The Bohemian Girl (1936)-Stan and Ollie travel with a band of 18th-century Gypsies holding a nobleman's daughter. Bumbling all the way they still manage to rescue the girl in the final reel. Thelma Todd’s final film, released several months after her murder.

    Bing Crosby & Bob Hope-Hugely successful separately Bob & Bing were paired in The Road to Singapore-a script originally intended for George Burns & Gracie Allen-along with Dorothy Lamour (who would appear in all the subsequent films in the series) as a couple of feckless roving buddies and hit comic gold for seven Road pictures between 1940 and 1962.

    The Road to Morocco (1942)-Starving vagabond Jeff (Bing) sells best friend Orville (Bob) into slavery in a Moroccan marketplace to buy food. Seized by a guilty conscience, Jeff discovers that Orville is now engaged to the gorgeous Princess Shalmar (Dorothy). Astrologers have told the Princess that her first husband will die violently, leaving her free to marry her beloved Sheik Mullay Kasim (Anthony Quinn). But when the princess falls for Jeff, things get complicated.

    Gene Wilder & Richard Pryor-When he received the script for Silver Streak Gene Wilder told the producers that only one actor could play the part opposite him-Richard Pryor. They agreed and a comedy team was born making in total four films as mismatched buddies.

    Silver Streak (1976)-While on a cross-country train ride, overworked book editor George Caldwell (Gene) begins a spur of the moment romance with the mysterious Hilly Burns (Jill Clayburgh). Their interlude interrupted when he witnesses a murder and is then accused. The true perpetrators kidnap Hilly and throw Caldwell from the moving train. Desperate, Caldwell teams up with car thief Grover Muldoon (Richard), and together they must save Hilly while avoiding the police. Many complications and hilarity ensue.

    1. Ahh...I still haven't seen 22 Jump Street though I want to.

  2. I love The Nice Guys! I think I used it somewhere else which is why I didn't go for it here. 21 Jump Street was great too. I haven't seen any of the Lethal Weapon movies.

    1. You haven't watched the Lethal Weapon movies?
      Well I only started watching them this year myself and they've really surprised me by how much I've enjoyed them.

  3. The Nice Guys is so fun! I need to rewatch it soon again. :D


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