Thursday, February 14, 2019

Thursday Movie Picks #240: Romantic Comedies

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This week's Thursday Movie Picks is Romantic Comedies


Is it me, or are there fewer romantic comedies this decade (not counting those terrible made for TV Hallmark/Lifetime ones of course) than the 90s or noughties? Anyway here are some recent ones that I love.

Magic in the Moonlight (2014)
The Gist: A magician is invited by a friend to help him unmask a young charming spiritualist as a fraud. This was such a cute and charming movie. Great scenery, gorgeous costumes and Emma Stone was just adorable, of course everyone would believe that her character was some kind of a medium/psychic. Loved the twist too.

Set It Up (2018)
The Gist: Two assistants decide to matchmake their workaholic bosses, so that they wouldn't work so much. This was such a fun comedy. Love the banter and the two leads had great chemistry.

To All the Boys I've Loved Before (2018)
The Gist: A teen girl's secret love letters (ones that were never meant to be sent) get mysteriously mailed out to her crushes. I've read the trilogy of books and enjoyed them and I had hoped the movie would be good and it is! So good. It's cute, funny and the leads have great chemistry as well. I also loved how the movie had a character literally open the door to a sequel...which we a re getting! My guess is this is on its way to becoming a classic teen movie on par with 10 Things I Hate About You which everyone watches and is actually very good.


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  1. I enjoyed Magic in the Moonlight but To All the Boys I've Loved Before just didn't work for me.

  2. The only one of these I've seen is To All The Boys I've Loved Before and I wasn't crazy about that one unfortunately.

  3. Oh boy...I haven’t seen any of these and I haven’t heard of them but the first one sounds good.

  4. I've never heard about Magic in the Moonlight but it sounds really good - need to check it out soon!

  5. To All The Boys I've Loved Before is such a cute movie, I really enjoyed it. Magic in the Moonlight is one of the few Emma Stone movies I haven't seen yet - I'd kind of forgotten about it! Interesting that there's a twist though!

  6. I loved Set it Up and All the Boys - great films!

  7. I've only seen To All the Boys. It was cute, but it didn't go any deeper than that for me.

  8. I've only seen Magic in the Moonlight which was fine, not one of Woody's best but okay. The scenery and costuming were great though.

    Set It Up sounds like fun if I can find it.

    Romantic comedies are much rarer than they use to be sadly. I'm a big fan of the genre which made picking just three a bit of a challenge. My solution was to pick one of the biggest stars of the genre-Cary Grant-and go with three of his best.

    The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer (1947)-Playboy artist Richard Nugent (Cary Grant) appears before Judge Margaret Turner (Myrna Loy) for fighting at a nightclub, after a stern warning she dismisses the charge. That same day, Nugent happens to lecture at a high school, where Margaret's teenage sister, Susan (Shirley Temple), falls head-over-heels for him. Things get complicated when Susan sneaks into and is found in his apartment. Back before Judge Turner she orders him to date Susan as a way of easing her attraction. It only gets crazier from there as Richard (now Dickie) embraces his rediscovered teenhood while finding himself attracted to Margaret and vice versa. Breezy comedy (which won a Best Original Screenplay Oscar) is Shirley’s best adult film with all three stars working at top speed.

    Indiscreet (1958)-Theatre star Anna Kalman (Ingrid Bergman) meets banker and diplomat Philip Adams (Cary Grant) when she’s visiting her sister and brother-in-law (Phyllis Calvert & Cecil Parker who steal every scene they’re in) in London. After a brief flirtation they fall in love but Philip is married and things seem hopeless until Anna discovers something that puts everything in a new light. Lush, charming comedy with Cary & Ingrid perfectly matched.

    Houseboat (1958)-Tom Winston (Cary Grant) is struggling to raise his three children on his own after his wife's death. He meets the charming and beautiful Cinzia Zaccardi (Sophia Loren) at a concert and hires her as a live-in nanny. Unbeknownst to Tom, Cinzia is actually a European socialite on the run from her domineering father (Harry Guardino) and has absolutely no experience with cooking, cleaning or raising children. The fiery Cinzia and staid Tom butt heads until they discover a shared attraction. Cary & Sophia were seriously involved (and almost married) during filming.


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