Tuesday, December 4, 2018

2019 Thursday Movie Picks Schedule (Preliminary)

Hi everyone! The upcoming 2019 run of Thursday Movie Picks will be the sixth year I'm doing the series. With each year, it has been harder and harder coming up with new themes, so you will see some repeat themes.

As with past years I have a few dates open for suggestions. There are NINE spots open (I've highlighted the dates, but I may rearrange the order of the themes on the final schedule). If you're interested in submitting themes here are the submission criteria:
a) must have participated in a few TMPs and have commented on previous posts.
b) submit three (no more as I'll probably have a hard time choosing) suggestions by posting a comment on this post. Only on this post.


2019 Thursday Movie Picks Schedule

January 3 - Place in Title
January 10 -
January 17 - 2018 Releases
January 24 -
January 31 - TMP Television Edition: 2018 Freshmen Series
February 7 - Revenge
February 14 -Romantic Comedies
February 21 - Starring Real Life Couples
February 28 - TMP Television Edition: Book to TV Adaptations
March 7 - Cold War
March 14 - Break-ups
March 21 - Private Eye
March 28 - TMP Television Edition: Non-English
April 4 - Unrecognizable Actor Transformation
April 11 -Let's Start at the End
April 18 - Interview
April 25 - TMP Television Edition: Music/Musicals
May 2 - True Crime
May 9 - Actors in Multiple Roles
May 16 - Scientists
May 23 - Movies Adapted from Movies of a Different Language
May 30 - TMP Television Edition: Rivalry
June 6 - Nannies / Babysitters
June 13 - Undercover
June 20 - Period Drama
June 27 - TMP Television Edition: Gangsters
July 4 - Parenthood
July 11 - Muses
July 18 - Blockbuster Flops
July 25 - TMP Television Edition: Crime
August 1 -The Great Outdoors
August 8 -
August 15 -Witness
August 22 - Letters
August 29 - TMP Television Edition: Revivals and Reboots
September 5 - Hostage
September 12 - Non-English Language Movies
September 19 -
September 26 - TMP Television Edition: Fantasy
October 3 - Halloween Edition: Period Drama Horror
October 10 - Halloween Edition:
October 17 - Halloween Edition:
October 24 - Halloween Edition:
October 31 - Halloween/Television Edition: Horror
November 7 -
November 14 - Politics
November 21 - Over a Meal
November 28 - TMP Television Edition: Dystopian/Apocalyptic
December 5 - Adaptations
December 12 - Super long Titles
December 19 -
December 26 - TMP Television Edition: Secret Agents/Spies


  1. You've got some great topics! It would be hard to keep coming up with new ones every year.

    Suggestions - Halloween - Jump scares that actually got you.

    Movies you thought you'd hate but ended up enjoying?

  2. You're amazing for thinking of new topics every year! One of my 2019 New Year's Resolutions is to join back in with TMP :)

  3. I have a few ideas: Scary one-timers.

    Films you Re-watched and had a different opinion the 2nd/3rd time around.

    Obscure films you want to see.

    Films in multiple versions.

  4. AMAZING! I already love 2019! I have done my new image for the new year like 2 months ago too, so I'm definitely in next year.

    I have two ideas and they sort of go hand in hand both about big age caps between characters:

    * Lolita
    * Mrs. Robinson

    I sort of love them just like that but if picked, you could add explanations too. Even though I do love them just as names of the characters that sort of high-light this theme in general. :)

    Also.. props to you for doing this year after year! You rock!

  5. A new year already...time flies doesn't it? Hmmm....January can be cold, snowy so what about movies with that theme? Movies about birthdays. Halloween theme...Ghosts, Creepy people. December...Dinners!

  6. I thought of another, What about movies about an illness?

  7. Or child actors that picked a dramatically different role from what they are famous for?

  8. Or movies you've walked out of.

    And for Halloween - best creepy kids?


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