Thursday, November 30, 2023

Thursday Movie Picks #468: TMP Television Edition - Non-English

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This week's Thursday Movie Picks is TMP Television Edition - Non-English

This is coming super late because it's been a long couple of weeks and I haven't been at a computer until now. Here are the three most recent ones I saw that I like.

Vortex (2022)
A French mini series follows a detective as he reconnects with his dead wife from two decades ago through a glitch in a virtual reality police program while investigating a present day case that is located near her place of death. I really like this sci-fi crime drama. I'd recommend it to those that like Frequency or Mirage.

Who Is Erin Carter? (2023)
This is a British mini series set mostly in Spain, so small parts of it is in Spanish. The series follows a British substitute teacher in Spain who is forced to defend herself during a supermarket robbery which ultimately exposes her real identity. This is a fun action packed series.
Dear Child (2023)
A German mini-series about a woman together with a young girl escape captivity and her case is soon found to be connected to another disappearance more than a decade ago. This is quite a twisty crime drama; I like it.


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