Thursday, March 9, 2023

Thursday Movie Picks #449: Companion Reads

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This week's Thursday Movie Picks is Companion Reads (Pair a book to a movie that makes a good companion read because they feature similar themes/subject - not necessarily the book it was based on)


This is coming in late. I'm picking some of the movies I’ve enjoyed and paired them with some of books I like that I think make great companion reads.

Strangers on a Train (1951) and The Kind Worth Killing (2015)
Strangers on a Train itself is adapted from a Patricia Highsmith novel, but if you want something contemporary, a little similar but different, try The Kind Worth Killing, which according to its own blurb is a reimagining of Strangers on a Train. The initial premise is certainly very similar, two strangers meet in an airport, one of them expresses a desire to kill their cheating spouse and the other willing to do it. That’s where the similarity ends as The Kind Worth Killing gets a whole lot more twisty, it even kills one of its major character quickly and on the whole is such a wicked fun read. This has a sequel, The Kind Worth Saving, which was released just the past week.

Practical Magic (1998) and Garden Spells (2007)
Practical Magic the movie is a little different being more supernatural and magical as compared to the book which is more of a family drama of a gifted family and Garden Spells is more like the Practical Magic book. But the basic premise is very similar, a family with two sisters with some magical skills, with one sister returning to the family home after a long time away. I really enjoyed Garden Spells so if you’ve enjoyed Practical Magic, movie or book, it’s likely you’ll enjoy it too.

Promising Young Woman (2020) and Sadie (2018)
In Promising Young Woman Cassandra’s best friend died when she was in medical school and for the years after that Cassandra has been out on a reckless and suicidal quest for justice and revenge. In Sadie, Sadie’s sister was recently killed and she herself had recently disappeared out on a desperate, reckless and suicidal quest for justice and revenge. Sadie is a dual narrator novel; the other (the first is Sadie) narrator is a radio host who has been tasked to start a true crime podcast. When Sadie’s disappearance gets his attention, the missing Sadie becomes the focus of the podcast. If you like Promising Young Woman I highly recommend Sadie as it is quite similar in its basic premise and is soo good. However, in all its bleakness Promising Young Woman still had moments where it was darkly funny…Sadie on the other hand is relentlessly bleak and heartbreaking.


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  1. I love Strangers on a Train…one of my favourite films. Practical Magic is a Fun flick that I can watch more than once and didn’t know it was based on a Book. I have not seen the last pick.

    1. Practical Magic is a book series with 3 books I think. I read the first 2 and they’re quite sad.

  2. I thought Promising Young Woman really flopped with its ending so I'm curious about Sadie, but if it's more depressing then it gives me pause.

  3. I love Practical Magic, so I'll definitely have to check out Garden Spells!


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