Thursday, April 21, 2022

Thursday Movie Picks #406: Environmental Wrongs/ Disasters

Hello there and welcome to Thursday Movie Picks a weekly series where you share your movie picks each Thursday. The rules are simple: based on the theme of the week pick three to five movies and tell us why you picked them. For further details and the schedule visit the series main page here.


This week's Thursday Movie Picks is Environmental Wrongs/ Disasters (not a natural disaster, so something like Chernobyl)


This is a quick one. Picking the three that came to mind first.

Erin Brockovich (2000)
This movie was big when it came out and Julia Roberts won an Oscar for playing a legal assistant for a firm fighting a company involved in water pollution. The movie was just okay for me.

The East (2013)
A woman is tasked to infiltrate an environmental activist anarchist group serving their own justice for ecological crimes. Of the three picks today, this is the one I like the most. It's a very interesting crime thriller. If you like Brit Marling's work like The OA, Sound of My Voice and Another Earth, I'd recommend The East as well, it is also one she that co-wrote.

Mother! (2017)
Jennifer Lawrence plays a mother, the stand in for mother earth, and her life/world is disrupted and destroyed by unexpected guests and intruders and violence...basically the other characters represent mankind the cause of the environmental wrongs. I really really dislike this movie. It's just manic and pretentiously nonsensical.


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  1. I love The East! I wish I would've thought of it here.

  2. We match with Erin B. It’s a good flick but not a great one by any means but still can watch it although Julia Roberts was not Oscar worthy. I have not seen the other 2 but your second film sounds interesting. I have no desire to see Mother.

  3. Oh, when I click on the link to see what is next on your themes, I noticed that 2022 is not o the list. I have to go back to look at your final list for this yr

  4. I can't believe I still haven't seen Mother!
    I really need to check it out


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