Thursday, March 28, 2019

Thursday Movie Picks #246: TMP Television Edition - Non-English

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This week's Thursday Movie Picks is TMP Television Edition - Non-English


If you think you've seen this theme before, you're right. We had one last year. This is one of those themes that I plan to do yearly. The past year though, unlike the previous year, I have less to choose from. Still here are the ones I've enjoyed.

Deutschland 83 (2015) & Deutschland 86 (2018)  
The Gist: The German drama follows Martin Rauch an East German border guard who is forcibly recruited to infiltrate the West German army. This is so interesting. If you like cold war spy action drama thrillers I highly recommend it. The first season takes place in 1983 and mostly follows Rauch in his attempts at gathering West German and NATO's military secrets. The second season takes place in 1986 and while it continues to have all the spy stuff, it also has a more expansive story exploring everything from the AIDs crisis and the East Germans dealings in African for ideological and economic reasons. I thought season two was stretching itself with all the different stuff that is going on but it was still an interesting eye opening watch. My guess is the producers of this series anticipate that some of the stuff that was covered in season 2 is not as well known as it has a companion documentary exploring how East Germany, on the brink of bankruptcy in the 80's, tried to stay afloat. I'm not sure but I vaguely remember reading somewhere that this is getting a third season titled Deutschland 89. Looking forward to it. 

Black Spot (2017 - ) 
The Gist: The small police force of a small French town on the edge of a mysterious forest is overwhelmed by the high crime/murder rate. I usually do not like the a-crime-an-episode sort of series, but there's something about this one that stands out from the rest. It's dark, suspenseful and continually has hints of a supernatural element. There's also an ongoing storyline that threads the episodes together involving the disappearance of the police inspector when she was a teenager, she retains no memory of her missing days, and the present day disappearance of the mayor's daughter which she thinks is linked. This is getting a second season though I am not sure when it will air. 

Money Heist  (2017 - )
The Gist: A Spanish series about a group of robbers robbing the mint. The robbers' plan is very complicated and involves them continually outmaneuvering and outwitting the authorities which made this a very entertaining action thriller. The third and I think final season is airing this year.


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  1. I haven't seen any of these but I've heard of Deutschland 83 and 86 before.

  2. I suck at this theme so i had nuttin:) I would be very interested in the Deutschland but I have no ability to see it

  3. This was a tough week. I haven't seen any of yours but those German series look the most intriguing to me.


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