Friday, September 8, 2017

Thursday Movie Picks #165: Animated Films Geared Towards Adults

Hello there and welcome to Thursday Movie Picks a weekly series where you share movie picks each Thursday. The rules are simple: based on the theme of the week pick three to five movies and tell us why you picked them. For further details and the schedule visit the series main page here.


This week's Thursday Movie Picks is Animated Films Geared Towards Adults [Suggested by Brittani Burnham]


Today's theme is a suggestion from Brittani. I don't watch a lot of animated films so this is a tough week for me so I'm going to do a real quick one.

Persepolis (2007)
If you've read the graphic novel and like it, you'll probably like the movie too, it looks very much like the novel.
Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)
I don't remember much of the story other than I like it and that it is very Wes Anderson in it's quirkiness. If you like his movies, you'll probably like this one too.
The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
Another stop motion animation and it's also a musical. I love how it looks and the songs in this are pretty awesome as well.


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  1. I haven't seen Persepolis but I loved the other two. And I'm obsessed with the songs from the Tim Burton movie.

  2. I've heard of all three but haven't seen any.

    Not much of an animation fan and I really could only recommend my first pick.

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988)-Schlubby private eye Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins) is hired by R.K. Maroon (Alan Tilvern) a cartoon producer to investigate an adultery scandal involving Jessica Rabbit (Kathleen Turner), who isn’t bad she’s just drawn that way, wife of Maroon's biggest star, Roger Rabbit (Charles Fleischer). Things heat up even more when owner of Toontown Marvin Acme (Stubby Kaye), Jessica's supposed lover, is found murdered, the evil Judge Doom (Christopher Lloyd) vows to catch and destroy Roger. Excellent blend of animation and actors with Kathleen Turner by way of Veronica Lake doing sensational voice work.

    Cool World (1992)-A prisoner Jack Deebs (Gabriel Byrne) has created a comic book universe from his cell and one day finds himself sucked into it where he discovered not only another trapped human Frank Harris (Brad Pitt) but his lascivious creation Holli Would (Kim Basinger) who tries to entice Jack by ANY means so that she can cross over to the human world and with her a Pandora’s Box of cartoon depravity. Ugly leering film of value only to see Pitt working his way up.

    A Scanner Darkly (2006)-Stupid hodgepodge about an undercover cop trying to bust a drug cartel but coming under the influence of the drug he becomes a test subject himself…or something like that. The hook here is that the movie was filmed with actors (Keanu Reeves, Wynona Ryder and Woody Harrelson among them) and then retro scoped with animation. It wasn’t worth it, all concept and little entertainment.

  3. All great movies! Fantastic Mr Fox is my favorite from the three.

  4. I have only see Nightmare and it is very good even though it's slightly warped. I haven't seen the other 2 but I've heard of them:)

  5. Nightmare is one of my all time favorites! I didn't even think of it for this week.

  6. All fantastic picks. Love Wes Anderson's adaptation on the Roald Dahl classic, so happy he's going back to animation with Isle of Dogs!

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