Monday, December 19, 2016

2017 Thursday Movie Picks Schedule

Hey! So I finally have the 2017 themes ready! Any questions, please leave a comment.

This year I have a new TMP special edition - A TMP Television Edition. I think the past year I've seen more TV series than movies and I thought wouldn't it be great to have a TV edition. I contemplated doing a standalone spinoff series, but was unsure if I could commit to another day of blog post or if anyone was interested in participating in the series as well, so I'm just putting it together with TMP and they will run on the last Thursday of each month. You can pick TV series or mini-series, just NOT TV movies.

I'm revising some of my rules too. I know we all love to share more of our picks, so I suggest 3-5 picks. Anymore than that it just becomes a long list. You can also pick them for whatever reasons you like. I know most usually go for favourites, but I've seen some creative picks in the last two years which is always fun. So simply pick 3 to 5 titles and tell us why you picked them. The last rule of sharing your link in the inlinkz widget and linking back to my blog on your own blog post still stands of course.

Lastly, I've opened up seven dates for suggestions on next year's schedule. If you're interested, you can submit a maximum of two suggestions in the comment section below. I'll choose 7 out of all the suggestions I've received. If you've made a suggestion in previous years which I have not used, you may resubmit again for next year's consideration. All I ask is that if you do decide to submit a topic please ensure that you will participate for the Thursday it's allocated. Here are the open dates available:

March 16 -  
May 18 - 
June 15 -  
August 10 - 
September 7 - 
October 19 - Halloween Edition:
November 16 -  


2017 Thursday Movie Picks Schedule
January 5 -Legal Thrillers
January 12 - Fashion World
January 19 - The Underdog
January 26 - TMP Television Edition: Science Fiction
February 2 -Movies About Artists (Painters)
February 9 - Prodigy/Genius
February 16 - Shakespeare Adaptation
February 23 - TMP Television Edition: Superheroes/Super Powers
March 2 - On the Run
March 9 - Remakes/Sequels/Reboots (of a movie that hasn't got one) You Want to See
March 16 -
March 23 -Ancient World (3600 BC – 500 AD)
March 30 - TMP Television Edition: Period Drama
April 6 - Cars/Racing
April 13 - Rivalry
April 20 - A Disappearance
April 27 - TMP Television Edition: Police
May 4 - Clones/Doppelgänger
May 11 - Deserts (Hot or Cold)
May 18 -
May 25 - TMP Television Edition: Time Travel
June 1 - Tall Buildings
June 8 -  Double Features (Movies that go well together)
June 15 -
June 22 -The Woods
June 29 - TMP Television Edition: Medical Drama
July 6 - Summer Vacation
July 13 -Amusement Parks
July 20 - The Chosen One 
July 27 - TMP Television Edition:Non-English
August 3 -  Crime Family
August 10 -
August 17 - Rescue
August 24 - The Stage
August 31 - TMP Television Edition:High School
September 7 -
September 15 - Financial World
September 21 - Just Not Funny Comedies
September 28 - TMP Television Edition: Family
October 5 - Halloween Edition: Masks
October 12 - Halloween Edition: Dolls
October 19 - Halloween Edition:
October 26 -Halloween/Television Edition: Horror
November 2 - A Stranger
November 9 - An Adaptation (of a book, comic, game etc that hasn't been adapted) You Want to See
November 16 -
November 23 - Origin Movies
November 30 - TMP Television Edition: Workplace
December 7 - Ugly Duckling to Beautiful Swan Makeover
December 14 - Small Towns
December 21 - 2018 Movies You're Looking Forward To
December 28 - TMP Television: Friendship


  1. A lot of really fun themes to try and find films to match up with!

    Just one question. The July 20th theme "The Chose One" I not quite clear on the intent of that one.

    1. A movie where someone is destined to be some sort of leader/hero often foretold by a prophecy like Buffy or Anakin.

    2. Ahhh...a typo...I just saw it.

  2. I've made a small edit for the March 9 and November 9 theme.

  3. I love that you added TV picks.

    For Halloween, has "creepy children" been a pick? There's so many of those. lol

    1. We had one Villainous Children in 2015, so that's pretty similar. I think I'll wait another year, if we're still doing this, before repeating themes.

  4. Body horror films, the likes of Cronenberg, Cabin fever, Bug etc. That could be a good potential theme for October. Don't think it's been a theme before.

  5. Oh how wonderful that you included television picks, that is absolutely wonderful!! And looking at the topics, it's definitely a great list and I'm excited to be apart of 2017 from start to finish!

    My recommendations:

    Movies You Love to Hate
    Blockbusters (during the Summer maybe?)

  6. Okay, I can offer suggestions, but I think I may have a few too many. Still, I've got a few military-themed categories I can suggest which could follow your World War I/World War II themes...
    -American Civil War
    -Cold War (non-Vietnam)
    -Movies about the British Empire
    -Revolution! (your choice of which revolution)
    -Modern Warfare
    -Future Warfare

    -Navy SEALs
    -United States Marine Corps
    -In the Navy
    -Air Force
    -Black Ops
    -The Resistance
    -Korean War
    -The Middle Ages
    -The Renaissance

  7. I love that you added television picks. Can't wait for 2017 to start!

  8. Has Silent movies been done before?

  9. What about Cults? Has that been a theme before? or Animated films geared towards adults?

    1. We had a Cults/Secret Societies theme just last September.

  10. How about strong women, not nasty or crazy but just strong women? For the Halloween edition, one could have psychopathic women. Since Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher passed away within a day, what about pick 3 movies from actors/actresses who died in 2016.


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