Monday, December 11, 2017

2018 Thursday Movie Picks Schedule (Preliminary)

Hi everyone! I finally have the 2018 themes. Please note this is not the final schedule as I will be adding suggested themes and may reorganize all the themes.

So anyway, this has been the fifth year I'm doing this. For those that have stuck around: thank you so much and I hope you continue to do so. The TMP Television Edition is a new edition I started in 2017 and it's back for 2018 as they have been so much fun. As before they will be on the last Thursday of each month. You can pick TV series or mini-series, just NOT TV movies.

Lastly, I've opened up NINE dates for suggestions on next year's schedule including one for the Halloween Edition. [Wendell you have already made your suggestions and I have already picked two of them.] Everyone else if you're interested here are the submission criteria:
a) must have participated in a few TMPs and have commented on previous posts.
b) submit two (no more as I'll probably have a hard time choosing) suggestions by posting a comment on this post. Only on this post.


2018 Thursday Movie Picks Schedule

January 4 - Character Name in Title
January 11 - Once Was Enough (Movies You Don't Want to Watch Again)
January 18 -
January 25 - TMP Television Edition: Book to TV Adaptations
February 1 - Story Within a Story
February 8 - Romance
February 15 - Break into Song Scenes (Non-Musicals)
February 22 - TMP Television Edition: Legal Dramas
March 1 - Just One Day
March 8 -
March 15 - Meltdowns
March 22 - Nostalgia
March 29 - TMP Television Edition: Non - English
April 5 - Underground
April 12 -
April 19 - Movies about Movies
April 26 - TMP Television Edition: Failed to get a Second Season (excluding mini-series/limited series where it was meant to be just one season)
May 3 -
May 10 - Characters Making a New Start
May 17 - Twisty Thrillers
May 24 - Friendship Movies
May 31 - TMP Television Edition: Entertainment Business
June 7 - Speech/Soliloquy/Monologue
June 14 - Legend/Mythology
June 21 - Juvenile Delinquents
June 28 - TMP Television Edition: TV Spinoffs [Suggested by Wendell]
July 5 - Long Awaited Sequel
July 12 - Characters Magically Aging Up or Down
July 19 -
July 26 - TMP Television Edition: Spies
August 2 - Body Switch
August 9 - A Siege
August 16 - Non-English Language Movies
August 23 - Gangsters
August 30 - TMP Television Edition: College
September 6 - The New Kid at School
September 13 -
September 20 - Farm
September 27 - TMP Television Edition: Anthology
October 4 - Halloween Edition: Home Invasion
October 11 - Halloween Edition: The Dark/Night
October 18 - Halloween Edition:
October 25 - Halloween/Television Edition: The Weird
November 1 -
November 8 - Political Comedy [Suggested by Wendell]
November 15 -
November 22 - Museum
November 29 - TMP Television Edition: Adapted from a Non-English Series
December 6 - Meet the Parents
December 13 -It's a Party
December 20 - 2019 Movies You're Looking Forward To
December 27 - TMP Television Edition: Comedies


  1. How about for May 10, we do Cannes favorites for films that had played at the Cannes Film Festival as the Festival will commence from May 9-May 20?

  2. How about , in Feb, Oscar films but ones you think should have won. This is a great list and it is making me think

  3. Ooh I was waiting for this and I'm so excited!! I'm definitely in and hoping to make it through the entire year just as I did in 2017 (2 left but who are we kidding, we did it!!)! Woooo!

    My suggestions: Good remakes; Non-linear timeline

    PS: I'm super happy the TV theme is happening again, it's so much fun!

    1. Also, TMP TV theme Non-English repeats from last year?

    2. Yes. I'm making the Non-English theme a permanent yearly fixture for both TMP and the TV edition.

  4. Yay! I'm so excited for this again. I love all the suggestions made in the comments so far.

  5. How about, for the January opening, we choose a film that involves snow in someway. For November 1st, since it is All Saints Day, we choose a movie about a Saint, or day of the dead like in Mexico, or something biblical..I can’t believe I’m suggesting this and am waiting for lightening to strike me down.


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